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Roundball presented by Barstool Sports is the college basketball podcast you've been yearning for. Each week, passionate fan Marty Mush, hoops guru Jeff Nadu, former Iowa legend Jordan Bohannon and current Michigan big man and All American Hunter Dickinson guide you through the world of hoops including the top 25, mid majors, big time matchups and more. They are joined by players, coaches and hoops insiders leading all the way up to March.

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Our Editor's Take

The Roundball podcast is a show for fans of both comedy and college basketball. Some college basketball fans only follow their favorite team. Others watch every game. No matter which category a listener is, the podcast is a fun and funny way to learn more about the game.

Each of the four Roundball podcast hosts brings a unique element to the show. Jeff Nadu knows a lot about the history and stats of college basketball. Former Iowa Wolves guard Jordan Bohannon offers real-life experience as a college player. Hunter Dickinson, Michigan State Wolverines center, brings a current player's insight. Marty Mush's comedic sensibilities make the show as hilarious as it is informative.

The hosts of the Roundball podcast love joking around. The podcast talks about not only basketball stats, but also news and current events. Whatever topic an episode is discussing, the hosts' dynamic is magnetic.

For podcast listeners new to college basketball, Roundball is a good introduction. The guys give listeners an accessible overview of what's current in college basketball. The podcast follows the season. On each episode, the hosts offer predictions, analysis, and commentary.

In addition to the hosts, some episodes of the podcast feature basketball-related guests. Past guests include Jay Bilas, Tod Kowalczyk, and Jeff Goodman.

Any college basketball lover looking for a casual and fun podcast will enjoy Roundball. Listeners of the show enjoy the way the hosts play off of each other's sense of humor.

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