Generations of Southern Flavor Cookbook™️

Better Connected

10-07-2021 • 3 mins

Hey Billy GOATS! Welcome back to season 2 of Real Bill’s Entrepreneur Life Podcast! This is Real Bill coming at cha. In today’s episode I’ll be telling you all about The Generations of Southern Flavor Cookbook. “Serving up old family recipes with a modern twist” This is my family’s personal cookbook. As you all know trying to get a book published is not easy. That’s why we have teamed up with RADA® Cutlery in order to get this project to production. You can shop our online RADA® Cutlery catalog here: You can also follow the whole entire cookbook process by joining our Facebook Group Also you can follow it on and on Thanks for listening today and we’ll see ya next time! Chow for now -RBC --- Send in a voice message:

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