Russell Rybicki: A Journey To Balance & Transformation

Sound Mind Podcast

08-04-2024 • 42 mins

When the symphony of life hits a dissonant chord, how does a musician find harmony again? This is just one of the soul-stirring questions Russell Rybicki answers as he joins us for a rich tapestry of tales on personal transformation, mental health, and the art of self-discovery in the demanding world of classical music. From playing horn and arranging to finding silence in meditation, Russell unveils the intricate journey of an artist seeking balance amid professional peaks, personal trials, and the quest for inner peace.

SPECIAL EVENT: On April 21st, Sound Mind will be hosting its very first in-person panel event at the New World Center in Miami Beach, FL titled “between the notes: exploring identities as artists”. Join us to explore the multifaceted career path as musicians and the diverse identities that shape the art and artists within it. Register now at this link.

Russell Rybicki is currently acting third/assistant horn in the San Antonio Philharmonic and is the hornist and arranger for the Monarch Chamber Players. He’s previously held positions with the San Antonio Symphony, the Vancouver Symphony, and the New World Symphony. Russell is also a certified Holistic Life Coach passionate about deep personal work involved in self-acceptance and self-compassion through a holistic process.

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