(Episode 9) The Aftershocks of Maternal Mortality featuring BruceMcIntyre

The Miracle Mama Podcast

02-09-2022 • 1 hr 13 mins

On July 19, Hulu premiered the Aftershock documentary which follows two families facing life after the very preventable deaths of their loved ones. We have a unique view into their efforts to galvanize activists, birth workers and physicians to battle one of this country's most pressing yet overlooked crises of our time--the US maternal health crisis.

One of the families that we had the privilege of following in the aftermath of their loved one's passing was that of Amber Rose Isaac, a 26 year old woman from NY who tweeted her displeasure with the staff where she was being treated just 4 days before her death. Today we are speaking with one of the stars of the Aftershock documentary and her partner, Bruce McIntyre. He shares with us his journey of love, loss and advocacy as a now single father and the founder of the Save A Rose Foundation.

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