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Robert MacFarlane

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How Healthy Growth in St. George is Attracting D1 Athletes to Utah Tech
2d ago
How Healthy Growth in St. George is Attracting D1 Athletes to Utah Tech
Welcome back to the 435 Podcast! In this episode, host Robert Macfarlane sits down with Wendi Bulkley, the Athletic Development Officer and Executive Director of the Trail Blazer Club for Utah Tech University in St. George, Utah.Join Robert and Wendi as they delve into Wendi's new role at Utah Tech University and how the burgeoning growth in St. George, Utah, is attracting D1 athletes, consequently fueling the expansion and development at Utah Tech.But it's not all smooth sailing. Robert and Wendi also tackle the pressing issues facing Southern Utah's economy, particularly the challenge of competing with wages to retain top-tier professors in their respective fields. They explore the necessity for private sector involvement to bridge the gap and attract and retain talent effectively.Moreover, inflation becomes a focal point of discussion, shedding light on its impacts and implications for the region's economic landscape. Discover what drove Wendi to pursue a seat on the City Council in St. George, despite the outcome, her commitment to continue supporting Southern Utah remains unwavering.Tune in for an insightful conversation on the dynamics shaping the growth of Utah Tech University and the broader economic challenges facing Southern Utah. Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe for more thought-provoking discussions!Find Utah Tech Athletics here:https://utahtechtrailblazers.com/Find Wealth 435 here:https://realestate435.kw.com/Find Blue Form Media here:https://www.blueformmedia.com/