Rockbottom Survival Skills Podcast

John Elden

Homesteading, Wilderness Survival, Disaster Recovery, Starting Over, Income, Wealth, FIRE Life Style, Off Grid, Relationships, FaithJoin us on this adventure we call life, as we choose to live deliberately.I have made it my mission to introduce 100,000 people to the out of doors. It is my greatest hope that by showing you the way, I can give back to all those to whom I owe so much of my knowledge and help to set anyone on the road to self-sufficient living.Besides living the dream with over two decades as an NYS licensed guide, John Gibbons is the grandson of author, naturalist, and TV personality Euell Gibbons. Yes, John Elden and his wife Teresa are full-time homesteaders. John Elden is an expert in outdoor, primitive, and wild food skills. As a TV Personality, John Elden is featured in his own Reality Show.Are you looking for:Better Work-Life Balance. …Less Commute Stress. …Location Independence. …Improved Inclusivity. …Money Savings. …Positive Environmental Impact. …Impact on Sustainability. …t all starts by learning to help yourself and your family. The out-of-doors is open to all in the USA. If you live in a city or on a farm, you have the exact same needs: Shelter, Water, Food, Power, Safety, Security, Income, and Love.It may seem that life is overwhelming, and hope is fleeting. I assure you your best days can be before you.-John Elden Gibbons You can find us at read less