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Tips for Traveling to the Turks and Caicos Islands
Tips for Traveling to the Turks and Caicos Islands
I’m excited about this episode because I get to talk about the land of my life...the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI). I finally touched down for the holidays after a two year hiatus thanks to Rona and all her viruses. Now that I have first-hand experience after my holiday travels home, I can successfully report back and give y’all the 411. My homegirl Juju and her sister Oby also visited around the same time, but they stayed in Provo which is the tourist hot-spot for TCI. I sent some survey questions to Juju and Oby after their trip, so you’ll be hearing some of their quotes throughout the episode for some additional perspectives.Covered in this episode:Government Requirements for traveling to Turks & CaicosWhat to expect upon arrivalWhere to get a COVID test during your stayWhat to expect when departingThe benefits of visiting Grand TurkHelpful LinksTurks and Caicos Tourism Website View full list of requirements and FAQsApply for travel authorizationVisit TCI WebsiteYour go-to guide for all things Turks & CaicosFamily Care TCI (also known as EPIC)Schedule your COVID test for return travelOfficial T’ingz Nice Website: Episode 302For the full version of the show notes, complete with photos and restaurant insights from our guests Juju and ObyIf you have a carnival related question that you’d like me to cover on my platform please complete my Topic Request Form. Don't forget to visit for more content and carnival resources!