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Specialists at Larking Gowen share their advice and guidance on a range of financial and accountancy topics. The series will be made up of technical updates; helpful guides on how to streamline the day-to-day processes and help you improve efficiencies; case studies on a variety of accounting and advisory issues; and interviews with current clients. It will also address FAQs and update you on recent changes to legislation, funding, budgets, reforms and more. The series will offer the listener a bitesize, easily digestible source of help and inspiration! Covering the basic through to the complex, if there’s an area of your business or your own personal finances you’re struggling with, or want to explore further, there’ll be an episode for you along the way. Our sector specialists will also feature in an upcoming mini-series, supporting those working in the Not for Profit and Agricultural sectors. We’ll even bring in experts from other fields, such as legal experts and Independent Financial Advisers, giving a full picture of how Larking Gowen can help support you and reach your goals. (C) Larking Gowen read less


BONUS - SRA Account Rules 2023 with PrimeGlobal
BONUS - SRA Account Rules 2023 with PrimeGlobal
Legal experts and independent members of PrimeGlobal gathered recently to reflect on the conclusion of the 2023 SRA Account Rules period and analyse the latest trends they have seen emerge. Their discussions included the move towards automation, the decline in pink slips and clerical errors, changes in interest rates, partial VAT exemption, reconciliation challenges, and the potential for more training. They also reflected on the adaptations made since the 2019 alterations, considering the impact of the pandemic and the resulting shifts in work patterns. Join Claire Watkins from Buzzacott, Veronique Walkey and (host) Matt Melksham from Westcotts and Ellis Lake from Larking Gowen, as they explore changes that could improve the efficiency of legal firms, while also exchanging anecdotes and reflecting on the challenges faced over the past year. You can also watch the recording on our YouTube channel here • Ellis Lake (Larking Gowen) • Veronique Walkey (Westcotts) • Claire Watkins (Buzzacott) • Matt Melksham (Westcotts) GET IN TOUCH! If you have any questions on today’s episode, and would like us to get in touch, email us at   For further information on today’s topic, and how we can help support you and your business on all tax related matters, click here.  We’d also love it if you could rate us 5 STARS on Apple Podcasts or Spotify, this really helps people find us! You can find more episodes from this series on our website here.