Episode 91: Exploring How to Build Community and Connection with Kyle Wood

Centered in the City

19-08-2021 • 38 mins

During this episode, we talk to Kyle Wood, a leader in the fitness industry who is the creator of popular online fitness communities, Bootcamp Ideas and BootCraft. Kyle shares how his idea of creating an online community stems from an idea of serving a specific group of people, a group of people he wants to be apart of. Kyle shares creative ideas about how people can still build community during these pandemic times and that the most important aspect of building authentic heart-based connection is being willing to be vulnerable. He dropped some serious wisdom and shared, to build true connection with others, we must also learn to connect more meaningfully to ourselves. Take a listen and share your takeaways with us.

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Using his innate talent to connect people and dots Kyle Wood is, in simplest terms, a problem solver.​

For the past decade he has been a leader in the fitness industry through his website Bootcamp Ideas. It’s the go-to site for tens of thousands of group fitness trainers around the world when they are looking for training ideas, advice and inspiration. He has since released BootCraft, a curated group fitness workout idea database and loving community of trainers.

His core values are Connection and Belonging. These values show up regularly in his work when he lifts up members of his communities to share and be leaders too. He’s also a dad of one, a husband, a video game enthusiast, a board game connoisseur, a hiker, a writer and a deep conversation lover.