Ep. 24: What your anger can teach you, how to process your anger in healthy ways, and the importance of sisterhood when healing with Somatic and Empowerment Coach - Rosa!

The Light of Insight with Nina Gamell

17-08-2023 • 59 mins

Rosa is a Somatic and Empowerment Coach that has helped underprivileged Iranian women reclaim their truth and power. We were both trained under the same coaching institute, and it has been incredible connecting over the similar journey we experienced together.

Rosa and I discuss the emotion of anger, and the importance of processing this intelligent emotion.This conversation is packed with tools to help you understand how to best process difficult emotions like anger and how to use your anger in positive and transformative ways.

Episode highlights:

  • Rosa’s background and what led her to become a Somatic and Empowerment Coach
  • How to confront and step through your fears
  • Collective anger acting as an agent of social change
  • Signs that show you might have pent up and unprocessed anger
  • Tools to help you process difficult emotions
  • The power of sisterhood when processing difficult emotions
  • How to deal with anger when you feel it in the moment

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