Ep. 21: Feeling like you're not enough? The lie that we are sold in society

The Light of Insight with Nina Gamell

06-06-2023 • 14 mins

There is this big lie that we are sold in society and that is if you work really, really hard, sacrifice everything, hustle all day everyday, and make the safe, ‘logical’ or ‘rational’ decisions – you'll reach a point where you will finally become fulfilled and satisfied. But, do you ever reach this point of true fulfillment based on the job, house, or partner? Why do you feel like it is still not enough, you’re still not doing enough, making enough, or enough as a person? The cycle never seems to stop.

The psychology of not enoughness has been really interesting to me lately, because I feel it constantly, I see it everyday, and my mom modeled this behavior to me growing up.

When you were growing up, how often did you catch your parents relaxing, slowing down, and being content and comfortable? If your upbringing was anything like mine, success always came before nourishment--and grounding and receiving weren't part of my toolbox for navigating life.

As I've continued in my healing journey, though, I've learned that the balance of masculine and feminine energies is what allows us to take action in our lives with intention and sustainability.

A major focus of the work in Flowing with Fire is to integrate your masculine and feminine energies. Just as much as you can take action and work hard towards your dreams, you can also make rest, pleasure, joy, and relaxation--and our time together will help you to create a reality where these energies co-exist harmoniously.

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