Ep. 20: Alchemizing Fear into Love, Radical Honesty, and Claiming Your Truth with Fire Starter - Rebecca!

The Light of Insight with Nina Gamell

28-05-2023 • 1 hr 7 mins

I LOVED having Rebecca on the Light of Insight! Rebecca is a fire starter that activates the alchemical process in others. We get into alchemy and what this means and looks like in relation to personal growth.

Both of us have lots of fire in our astrological charts, so this episode we get deep and passionate discussing the important stages of a healing journey which include radical honesty, self-acceptance, and compassion.

Here are the episode highlights:

  • Major realizations Rebecca had during the full moon in Scorpio
  • Breaking down leadership and redefining what a leader means in society
  • How to identify what is holding you back
  • People who hurt you acting as major teachers
  • The importance of identifying your own patterns in relationships
  • What alchemizing may look like in your healing journey
  • A somatic practice for releasing resentment
  • What does “doing the work” look like and mean?


Rebecca's Instagram - @threadsofbeing

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Intro and Outro Music: Feel the Sun by Vulora

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