How New Factors in Compensation Impact Your Total Rewards Strategy

Benefits and Wellness Superhero Podcast

01-04-2021 • 11 mins

In this episode, we hear from Suzanne Harrison, Managing Partner at BenchMarket. In addition to being a Benefits and Wellness superhero, Suzanne is a speaker at the Benefits and Wellness Superhero Symposium on April 7th and 8th of April, 2021. Listen and learn all about Suzanne's session and get her take on why the fireside chat is essential viewing.

Suzanne is a bilingual human resource professional with over 25 years of experience working with both private and public sector organizations. Suzanne has extensive experience in survey development and administration with a background in data analysis and interpretation. Since joining Benchmarket as a Principal Consultant in2015 and becoming a Partner in 2017, Suzanne has been instrumental in growing Benchmarket’s flagship public surveys; TechEdge and NFPay.

She is also responsible for the development and administration of several commissioned surveys including the annual survey for the Ottawa Legal Managers Association. In addition to overseeing Benchmarket’s surveys, she provides both human resources and compensation consulting services to various organizations in the Technology and Financial Sector.  Suzanne holds a Bachelor of Commerce and a Master of Industrial Relations from Queen’s University.

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