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Your Favorite Thing with Wells & Brandi

16-11-2022 • 50 mins

This week Wells is running the show solo, and he’s really struggling, because his lips are chapped. However, his spirits remain high because it’s mid-November and he just played golf in shorts. * We’d now like to put a parental advisory in place as Wells spends a good chunk of time discussing how he bought drugs in high school, how he was caught, and the torture he endured as punishment. * He has a few questions about sneezing when you sleep, then talks fave things, including his Disney movie marathon with Sarah where he fell back in love with Aladdin and decided Sebastian’s a b*tch. He chats about TikTok and whether or not dragons are real, plus discusses the National Park Service asking people to stop licking a toxic desert toad, and what that says about where we’re at as a society. He’s also done some investigating in to where witches come from that he’d like to share, and thanks to a YFTer calling in, gives his opinions on The Challenge. Enjoy!  Don’t forget to rate, review, and follow Your Favorite Podcast! Plus, keep up with us between episodes on our Instagram page, @yftpodcast and be sure to leave us a voicemail with your fave things at 858-630-1856!  Thanks to our awesome sponsors for making this episode possible! Check out these deals just for you, YFTers:  Faherty — Go to and use code yourfavoritething at checkout for 20% off your order  BetterHelp — Go to today to get 10% off your first month