A.V.’s Ripping Wax Packs


This podcast is about ripping random packs of baseball cards and talking baseball cards in general. Aaron Vaughn will host, with the help of his brother Curtis from time-to-time, conversing on the history of the random packs they rip and the players pulled from the packs. Interviews, stories of amazing rips and finds, and a lot more fun will be had! From wax packs, to vintage, to present day cards, this is the podcast for lovers of the baseball cardboard! Premise: Aaron Vaughn (A.V.) will display a video and picture of the random wax pack he pulls from a box of wax packs at his Twitter handle (@rippingwaxpacks). Then, a few days later, after researching said wax pack's history and players, he will host this podcast. Use buzzsprout to host your podcast! Click on link below  to check it out! Sign up for a paid plan on buzzsprout and get a $20 Amazon gift card. https://www.buzzsprout.com/?referrer_id=1660801
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A.V.’s Ripping Wax Packs (A.V.’s Ripping Wax Packs +) (buzzsprout.com)

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