Episode 100: 2 Kings 14:1-29 Wide is the Path...

Living Water Community Church

08-02-2024 • 1 hr 25 mins

We explored the time when the kings of both Israel and Judah demonstrated halfway commitments to God. They either started out strong for the Lord and ended worshipping idols or they simply seemed to want God and idols too. It is a sad time in Israel of halfway commitments. People seem to be seeking for the Lord because of their oppression and God hears them and gives them relief but they continue to worship idols. God watching over them and watching out for them seems to have little or no impact on how they live or worship. And yet there is a warning here. A warning to honor God as God. Judah thought they could simply worship at the high places it would be fine. It was more convenient then going up to Jerusalem. Who cares that other idols are worshipped there. But God had established the temple and He had come to dwell there and establish His presence between the cherubim. He called on the people to come to Him and worship Him there. This was God’s plan. The worship of God is established by God and matters to God. These ideas or very relevant to us today. The worship of God still matters to God. He cares about how He is worshipped. He cares about the hearts of His people. He knows if our hearts have divided loyalties. The reason He wants His people to be fully committed to Him is because we were created for fellowship with God and being in that place of worship and fellowship is the best thing for us.