Episode 99: 2 Kings 13:1-25 Victory is Found in God Alone

Living Water Community Church

06-02-2024 • 1 hr 4 mins

We worked our way through the lives of some of Jehu’s descendants as they ruled over Israel. We also witnessed the last acts of Elisha as he wrapped up his ministry and died. The descendants of Jehu were very much like their father. They seemed to have a certain type of zeal and regard for Yahweh but they continued to worship the golden calves and other false gods. It is a tragic act of disobedience as they show only a half way commitment to God. But the reality is a halfway commitment is not an act of faith. We saw in the story of Joash a real sorrow at the sickness of Elisha. He weeps when he goes to visit him. But his compassion does not translate into a greater commitment to God. Elisha gives him a prophecy about his future conflicts with Syria. He uses a bow and arrows to speak of the victories which will come. We also see a brief story about how a man’s body is quickly tossed into the tomb where Elisha’s body lay. The dead man came into contact with Elisha’s dead body and God brought him back to life. This combined with the victories Joash received after Elisha died was a testimony to the people of how God was working even though Elisha and Elijah were gone. This resurrection foreshadows the greater and better resurrection which happened when Jesus died. His death was different in that He was perfect and did not deserve death. Jesus died to bear God’s wrath against our sin so that we could be set free from the eternal damnation which we rightfully deserve. When Jesus died He broke the power of death over saints who had died around Jerusalem. The Bible tells us many came forth from the grave. It is a testimony to the completeness of the work Jesus did on our behalf. Death could no longer keep men and women who were righteous in Jesus. Jesus Himself rose again the third day according to the scripture. We are the recipients of a clear and better understanding of the work of Jesus which was being foreshadowed in the events we see around Elisha’s life and death.