Episode 87: 2 Kings 6:8-23 Building Faith in Our All Powerful God

Living Water Community Church

26-12-2023 • 1 hr 1 min

We explored the story of how Elisha tells the king of Israel to avoid certain places at specific times because the king of Syria has laid a trap or planned a raid. The king of Israel would send scouts to verify it and discovered Elisha was saving him from these plans. This frustrated the king of Syria who became convinced there must be a spy in his court feeding his plans to the king of Israel. But the servants of the king know it is Elisha who is aware of the Syrian plans and alerts the king of Israel. The servants tell the king, “Elisha hears all of his plans even those made in secret.” This revelation frustrates the king and he sends his army to capture Elisha who lives in Dothan. The army surrounds the city and Elisha’s servant is frightened by the development. Elisha prays and God opens the servants eyes and he can see the horses and chariots of fire on the surrounding hills are greater then the Syrian army which surrounds Dothan. Again Elisha prays and God strikes the army with blindness. Elisha then leads the blind army to Samaria and delivers them to the king of Israel. After asking God to restore their sight Elisha instructs the king to feed them and send them home. He does and the good treatment of the army leads to a temporary peace between Israel and Syria. Part of the peace was no doubt the ongoing survival of Elisha who the army failed to capture. Here we see laid out how God is working behind the scenes. In this case God’s army protects Elisha. In Jesus case He could have called on God to send an army of angels but that was not part of His plan. God’s plan in Jesus case was for Him to go the cross and die. It was God’s plan to have His Son sacrificed in our place to bear the penalty for our sins. Without Jesus sacrifice we would have no hope of being brought back into fellowship with God. He rescued us from eternal damnation by bearing our damnation for us. Because we are all sinners damnation is what justice demands we suffer. Since God is just we are destined for damnation, but Jesus stepped in and changed all of that by bearing our penalty. This preserves God’s justice and at the same time gives Him the ability to grant us mercy and grace.