Episode 95: 2 Kings 10:12-36 Jehu: The Tool of God’s Judgment Against Ahab

Living Water Community Church

23-01-2024 • 1 hr 2 mins

we explored the last events recorded for us in the life of Jehu the king of Israel. His last recorded act is in his words to show his zeal for the Lord. He meets Jehonadab and invites him to come along as he sets out to demonstrate his zeal. On arriving in Samaria he kills the rest of those who were still connected to Ahab. Then he announces to the people he wants to have a solemn assembly for Baal. Word is sent out to gather all the worshippers and priests of Baal. Anyone who was committed to Baal and failed to come would be put to death. They were all given special garments and brought into the temple of Baal where Jehu begins a sacrifice. After the sacrifice was finished he left and 80 soldiers slaughtered all the assembled worshippers and priests of Baal. They them destroyed the temple and turned it into a toilet. This desecrated the area ensuring no one would ever try to rebuild that temple. While Jehu does all these things which God wanted such as the destruction of the family of Ahab and the wiping out of Baal worship, he failed to destroy the golden calves. God granted Jehu a promise of four generations of his descendants on the throne of Israel because of his acts which were in keeping with what God wanted. But his continued support of the golden calf worship was a sin which hampered him and continued to hamper Israel. In his time God used Hazael of Syria to begin to take land away from Israel. Hazael ended up conquering 25%-30% of the land during Jehu’s reign. This was God’s judgement on Jehu and Israel for their continuing to worship false gods. We wrapped things up by considering how the true church today in America has come to be similar to Jehu in that we are good at many of the things which are pleasing to God but we are much like the church in Ephesus in that we need to return to a passionate love for God. It very much could be the decline we are seeing in the church in America has much to do with our failure to love God with all our hearts. The church really needs to repent and return to its first love.