Cycling Performance Club: Australian road nats, training apps, the coach’s role in athlete success, and CP musings

Semi-Pro Cycling

17-02-2022 • 1 hr 14 mins

Hey there! After a bit of a break in recording at the end of 2021 we (the co-hosts) sat down for a catch-up and to talk some shop. This episode can be best described as a throwback to our roots when we used to host chats on the Clubhouse app. Just a pro cyclist, a professional coach, and a sport scientist asking each other questions, giving opinions, and having a laugh.

In this episode we discuss Australian road nats, training assistant apps for cyclists, the coach’s role in an athlete’s success, and some afterthoughts about critical power.

Additionally, if you hadn’t heard the unfortunate news, Cyrus’s dad passed away suddenly towards the end of last year from a heart attack while he was out riding. Our condolences go out to the Monk family for their loss.

You can help prevent sudden cardiac death in athletes by supporting the Baker Institute at the link provided below.

The podcast co-hosts:

Jason Boynton, Ph.D.

Damian Ruse

Cyrus Monk

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