Cycling Performance Club: What is best practice for implementing critical power into your training? w/ Jason Bartram, PhDc, Part 2

Semi-Pro Cycling

24-01-2022 • 45 mins

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In this part two on critical power (CP) we continue our conversation with Jason Bartram and cover W’ and W’ balance. Additionally, we consider what the CP metrics can realistically add to your cycling performance and coaching practice. And… it might actually surprise you what Jason’s (JB’s) takeaways are for these measures, after studying them for 7+ years and coaching cyclists at the elite level.

Jason Bartram, PhDc is the former Australian National Women’s Track Team coach, former sports scientist for AusCycling and the Australian Institute of Sport, and current PhD candidate studying critical power, W’, and W’ balance in elite track athletes.

Guest panelist:

Jason Bartram, PhDc

The podcast co-hosts:

Jason Boynton, Ph.D.

Damian Ruse

Cyrus Monk

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