Mom Coach on Overcoming Parent Obstacles

Amplify Voices

15-12-2021 • 53 mins

In today's episode we will explore the fact that despite your past, you can still achieve a successful future. Our guest, Destini Davis, share's how she transformed her parenting problems into successful possibilities. Destini is a positive discipline coach for parents and social media influencer. She makes relatable content to help her community find more intention and peace in their parenting journey. She doesn’t shy away from the hard topics like trauma and mom guilt. Instead, she sheds light on the messiness of parenting and reminds parents of their personal power regardless of their circumstances. Her methods are rooted in connection, collaboration, and respect. She takes a comprehensive approach to parenting and recognizes there is no right or wrong way to parent. She believes that answers lie within the hearts or minds of the parent and child. Solutions can be found only when we are completely present and committed to showing up for our families. We are dedicated to exposing our listeners to what success looks like in unorthodox ways. Please listen with an open heart.

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