WM Podcast 3 - The Deathiest Death That Ever Death'ed

The Worship Metal Podcast

05-10-2022 • 55 mins

Death Metal - The more intense younger brother to the cool-kid Thrash Scene of the early 90s that transformed into the all-powerful global monster that is 21st Century Death Metal. But what was its finest hour? What flesh did the worms prefer to feast upon in the rotting casket? What scooped-mids riffage would Cthulhu himself get jiggy with? Chris, Si and Blake light the torches of truth and delve into the unfathomable depths of this gore-riddled sub-genre. For two of them at least it's their chosen specialist subject. Cue the Guinness, the Jack Daniels and whatever it is Blake drinks and let's find out in this bloody installment of The Worship Metal Podcast : To find the Deathiest Death That Ever Death'ed