Ep 17 – Experience a new way of living – with Ivano Stella from Out Quarters

A very special coworking

15-11-2023 • 36 mins

During this interview, we’ll talk about:

  • Ivano and his space, Out Quarters
  • The beautiful sea and mountains near Cilento, Campagna in Italy
  • How and why to dive into remote work

0:00 – Hi!

0:55 – The co in coliving

2:38 – Escape the city...

5:50 – … to a small town

9:15 – Already working in a hybrid model in 2016

11:05 – I started travelling and working remotely

14:13 – Those communities are in coworking and coliving space

16:21 – Why don’t these things exist in Italy?

18:27 – The first experience

21:57 – Let’s do life-work balance, not work-life balance

24:40 – It’s a pity that, in the low season, Cilento gets depopulated

29:27 – The second experience

31:32 – I agree with the ‘back to the office’

34:42 – Bye!


Ivano Stella

Ivano develops co-living experiences, manages the operational plan and maintains relationships with digital nomad and startup communities.

Out Quarters gathers coliving and coworking enthusiasts in Italy to foster meaningful connections and a positive impact.

Check Ivano’s space, Out Quarters:


Fanny Marcoux

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