Ep 20 – Why am driving back to my sardine can? – with Justin Powers from Kernville Cowork

A very special coworking

12-02-2024 • 33 mins

In this interview, we’ll talk about:

  • Justin and his space, Kernville Cowork
  • how work, and workers, have changed
  • what a coworking can do for their community

0:00 – Hi!

1:37 – The definition of rural

4:11 – Nobody’s googling for coworking

7:54 – I saw what it was, I saw what it could do

11:14 – We’re very tourists-dependent

13:49 – COVID was a roller-coaster, and so are every summer and winter

17:14 – We’re a very small space

19:41 – We want to take it to other communities

24:47 – We need to be able to have full-time staff

28:08 – By the end of the day, they feel like they’re a local

31:08 – Join our community hub!

33:17 – Bye!


Justin Powers

After working with tech companies and startups, Justin founded Kernville Cowork and Sierra Shared Spaces with one idea in mind: “Work Where You Play”.

They both aim to support entrepreneurs, remote workers, and startups in Kern River Valley, California, and other rural communities.

Check his space, Kernville Cowork, and community project, Sierra Shared Spaces:



Fanny Marcoux

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