Ep 10 – You know you can log in and there’s a friendly voice there – with Paulette Durepos from CafeLifestyle CoWorking

A very special coworking

14-04-2023 • 32 mins

During this interview, we’ll talk about:

  • Paulette and her online community, Cafe Lifestyle
  • the silver nomads coming in
  • how spirituality and productivity can go together

1:20 – It’s the cafe culture, it’s magical

6:00 – I found my tribe, my people

9:08 – There are more and more women over 40 who are location independent

11:10 – They come in all kinds of different flavours

14:23 – You can even book a seat at a restaurant or cafe during downtime

17:00 – There’s a lack of accountability, self-care and productivity

20:16 – Helping spiritually minded to set and celebrate goals

24:45 – Blending business and spiritual goals

28:03 – Are you feeling the stress of solopreneurs?


Paulette Durepos

Paulette loves coffee, cafes and the lifestyle that goes with it. That’s how she started her own community, at a cafe.

She now helps female entrepreneurs both at cafes and online. She provides them with a space where they can ask tough questions and work on what they need.

Check the CafeLifestyle here:


Fanny Marcoux

I’m your host and passionate about coworking, remote working, digital nomading, and digital marketing. Many -ing in there.

During the day, I help ecommerce managers migrate to Google Analytics 4 before it is too late and all their data get erased.

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