Ep 12 – Create a space for relationships to form – with Spud Marshall from My Creative Community

A very special coworking

15-06-2023 • 32 mins

During this interview, we’ll talk about:

  • Spud and his spaces, New Leaf, the co.space, 3 Dots, and My Creative Community
  • the Community Commitment Curve
  • lots of messy middles

0:00 – Hello!

1:51 – A total lack of community spaces

5:30 – Where people can work, live and play together

8:00 – What is your strength?

10:42 – Your staff is also part of the community

13:55 – When have you felt the most alone?

15:06 – Introvert and community builder

17:25 – Engage everybody in their own way

20:35 – You cannot clone yourself fast enough

22:18 – When the ecosystem doesn’t need us anymore

25:28 – A community of community (builders)

28:16 – All the tools and resources

31:45 – Bye!


Spud Marshall

Spud is a social entrepreneur, creative community builder, and lover of fog machines.

He co-founded two coworking, one coliving and a support group for creative community builders.

Finally, he is the author of two books ‘Designing Creative Communities’ and the ‘Creative Communities Field Guide.’

Check his current community, My Creative Community:


And his hundreds tools list to help you manage your community:


Fanny Marcoux

I’m your host and passionate about coworking, remote working, nomading, freelancing, and marketing. Many -ing in there.

During the day, I help ecommerce managers migrate to Google Analytics 4 before it is too late and all their data get erased.

I also post every day on LinkedIn, where you can follow me:


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