4 – A space you’re meant to be in – with Stacey Sheppard and The Tribe

A very special coworking

04-12-2022 • 28 mins

During this interview, we talk about:

  • Stacey and her space, The Tribe
  • How she designed her space in the middle of rural Devon, 2000 habitants
  • Barriers female entrepreneurs and mompreneurs face in their career

1:08 – It’s a very, very, very small space, about 45 m²

3:22 – As soon as I heard about coworking, I thought ‘this is the future of work’

8:20 – I wanted to make it for female entrepreneurs because of the barriers they face in their career

10:55 – Until we had to close during the first lockdown, that was a dark time...

13:00 – After the 2nd lockdown, I had the energy to pivot to an online community

16:05 – We thought we would struggle during the summer holidays, but got surprised by a new type of member, tourists

18:30 – We don’t exclude anybody, but men who come here are only looking for a desk

21:26 – You don’t have those conversations when you work by yourself at home

23:20 – Do you plan to be more than 8 people in your space?

26:10 – Coworking got a bright future


Stacey Sheppard

Stacey is an award-winning interior design blogger and journalist. She felt lonely working from home alone and couldn't find a coworking space where she wanted to spend time. So she decided to set one up.

The Tribe is a small community-driven coworking space in Totnes, UK. It provides creative, growth-oriented female entrepreneurs with an inspiring working environment designed to foster collaboration, connection and support.

Check her space here:


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