3 – If you want your members to have a good experience, you do this – With Leo Mpa and The House

A very special coworking

04-12-2022 • 36 mins

3 - If you want your members to have a good experience, you do this, with Leo Mpa and The House

During this interview, we talk about:

  • Leo and his space, The House
  • why we need real plants around us
  • how to engage your members and build community

2:00 – an old house in an old neighbourhood with so many plants

9:30 – the building owner offered me to manage its 400m² of space, it’s huge

12:50 – I was planning to make a coliving in Bali, but I lost everything due to the pandemic...

16:00 – digital nomads move and are alone when they arrive in a new city, help them

17:15 – a coworking isn’t just a space, it’s community first

19:10 – organise events every day, they’re excuses to meet new people

20:45 – focus on what you’re good at and like, and delegate the rest

21:50 – it’s difficult to find someone who can properly take care of the space

25:10 – that time, when we tried to open a second space… everything went wrong

29:40 – my members are my coworkers, they give me feedback

31:30 – the next step is to expand into a digital platform


Leo Mpa

Leo founded The House, a coworking space in the old town of Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Spain. There, he organises events about every day, home cooking deliveries, parties, pastries, and so on.

The House is an old house in an old neighbourhood fresh inside when it’s hot outside with Southern Spain typical mosaic and many, many, many plants.

Check his space here:


Fanny Marcoux

I’m your host and passionate about coworking, remote working, digital nomading, freelancing, and digital marketing. Many -ing in there.

I help busy freelancers simplify their marketing, and interview coworking managers about what makes their space special.

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