Why Community Midwifery & Licensure Don't Mix with Maryn Green - 49

The Birth Rebel Podcast

24-06-2024 • 56 mins

In this episode of the Birth Rebel podcast, Angel interviews Maryn Green, a seasoned midwife and mother of ten. Maryn shares her journey from licensed midwifery to focusing on serving women with autonomy and teaching other midwives. They discuss the pros and cons of state licensures, the implications for midwifery autonomy, and the impact on women's birthing choices. Maryn emphasizes the importance of personal choice and the need for community support in preserving birth freedom. The episode concludes with Maryn providing insights and resources for those interested in midwifery and opposing mandatory state licensure.

00:00 Welcome to the Birth Rebel Podcast

00:20 Meet Maryn: A Journey in Midwifery

02:00 The Indie Birth Association and School

03:11 From Hospital Birth to Home Birth

05:21 The Challenges of Licensing

07:44 Standing Up for Midwifery Autonomy

10:22 Understanding State Licensure

19:58 The Reality of Licensing and Hospital Relations

23:38 The Importance of Experience Over Certification

27:01 Autonomy in Midwifery Practice

27:48 The Reality of Midwifery Licensing

29:01 Personal Stories and Legal Restrictions

31:41 The Rise of Free Births

34:17 Midwifery Politics and Women's Autonomy

37:46 Challenges and Consequences of Licensing

49:56 Community Support and the Future of Midwifery

52:49 Conclusion and Resources

Indie Birth

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Indie Birth Midwifery School Website

Indie Birth: A Story of Radical Birth Love Book

Rumble - Midwives Gone Wild

Indie Birth Doula Training Program

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Episode Resources

Making Midwives Legal - Childbirth, Medicine, and the Law | Raymond DeVries Book

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