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Rosie & Caroline Gladding

Hosted by Caroline Gladding, an intuitive healing coach with over 27 years of experience. Join Caroline and her daughter Rosie as they share their insights, experiences, and laughter on a journey of healing and self-discovery. Gain practical advice in each episode as they explore topics like dating, making friends, dealing with trauma and stress, owning a business, and serving in the military.  Told in first-person POV through Rosie's lived experiences, her mother Caroline guides her along life's journey - through the ups and downs - to help Rosie and other young people like her embrace their true potential.

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S1E3: Triggers, Loops, and Trusting in Yourself
S1E3: Triggers, Loops, and Trusting in Yourself
In this thought-provoking episode, Rosie and Caroline Gladding delve into the art of recognising emotional triggers and grappling with the beliefs at their core. Discover how to decode your reactions, anchor yourself in the emotions you truly deserve, and transform your life by embracing self-trust. As we explore the four attachment styles - Anxious, Avoidant, Disorganised, and Secure - you'll uncover key insights into your own triggers and trauma loops. Visit Caroline's Youtube channel to take part in her Safe Space mindfulness meditation to bring you back to a place of security. Link:, don't miss the exciting announcement about Rosie and Christopher's clothing brand, Waves Clothing Ltd, and how you can join the exclusive Waves Club!Key Topics in Today's EpisodeRecognising your triggers can be an empowering step towards transforming your life, helping you understand your reactions and take control of your emotions.Understanding the four attachment styles can help you navigate relationships more effectively and identify your own patterns.Noticing your own trauma loops and triggers can enable you to break free from repetitive cycles and foster self-reflection and inner growth.Rosie and Christopher's clothing brand, Waves Clothing LtdNEW! The Waves Club: a community for like-minded individualsIf this episode resonated with you, make sure to leave a review, subscribe to our podcast, and visit our website to explore the world of intuitive healing. Take your understanding to new depths and let us know your thoughts by joining our community on social media.Search: Caroline Gladding on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.Follow Caroline on Instagram and Facebook. To get in touch, visit