Embracing Life Instead of Enduring Overwhelm

Overwhelm is Optional

15-08-2023 • 21 mins

Do you believe that overwhelm is a necessary part of achieving your dreams? Let me assure you, it's not. Join me as I read from and expand on, page one of my book: Overwhelm is Optional. Explore the maze of overwhelm, its effects on our lives, and the misconceptions we often harbour about it. I'll share how I've discovered at 55 that life isn't about pushing through exhaustion. Instead, it's about embracing self-care, discovering our values, and realising we are perfect as we are.

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The podcast for hard working professionals who want their life back. Welcome to the Overwhelm is Optional podcast where each week we find ways to gently rebel against the nonsense that overwhelm and exhaustion are just the price you pay to have the life you want.

Heidi Marke is a Coach, Teacher, Podcaster & Author

Having managed to embarrassingly and painfully burn out losing her once-loved and hard-worked-for career, confidence, health and financial stability - whilst prioritising her selfcare (yes, really!) she now quietly leads The Gentle Rebellion - inviting you to gently, but firmly, rebel against the idea that to have the life you want you to have to push through overwhelm and exhaustion. You don’t.

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Overwhelm is Optional: How to gently rebel against the idea that to have the life you want, you have to push through overwhelm and exhaustion. You don’t

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