Meditation: Healing Heart Bouquet

Meditation for Anxiety

31-10-2023 • 30 mins

Join Premium! Ready for an ad-free meditation experience? Join Premium now and get every episode from ALL of our podcasts completely ad-free now! Just a few clicks makes it easy for you to listen on your favorite podcast player.  Become a PREMIUM member today by going to --> Allow your mind to quiet and still the voice in your head. then let your body relax Sink deeply into your bed. LONG PAUSE Let the stillness take over as you go deep inside, with tension dissolving and peace as your guide. LONG PAUSE Follow the peace as it spreads from head to toe, relaxing your shoulders and your back, your body as a whole. LONG PAUSE Now, envision a rosebud, straight and tall, waiting to blossom with its red velvet petals.  PAUSE The rosebud travels deep to your inner garden; it reaches the heart where it wants to get started. PAUSE Slowly, the petals peek out, just a little at first, until the rose opens with a splendid burst. PAUSE Love cascades in your heart, when the rose bursts forth. You can feel it growing in your body all the way through your core. PAUSE You notice your skin takes on the fragrance of rose, and the feeling of love supports your repose. PAUSE And, intuitively, you know that if you touch someone’s hand you’ll transfer the love and feel it expand. PAUSE And then before your eyes, a purple aster blooms and journeys to your heart bringing faith and wisdom. PAUSE And from the aster’s center wisdom and faith are released, and a sense of trusting yourself more comes on with some peace. PAUSE So, take a few minutes and dive deeply inward, you hear “I trust myself” coming to you as a whisper. PAUSE Now, recognize   the flowers of love and faith, and notice a daffodil appears  gifting you with more traits. PAUSE Yellow daffodils shine light on what is the truth. They also bring forgiveness which can be freeing to you. PAUSE So the daffodil lights up the heart with what is honest and real and cozies up to the rose and aster creating an inner garden you feel. PAUSE So in a moment, the truth of your life becomes clear, and with love, you forgive mistakes and let go with no fear. PAUSE Now, white edelweiss joins in, filling up some heart spaces;  it’s a flower of courage  and not found in many places. PAUSE As it blooms, you know you’ve been a tower of courage, and you thank the edelweiss and let go of any worry. PAUSE You pause for a moment, gazing at the garden of your heart feeling the power of the flowers and what they impart. PAUSE Then, a marigold appears with orange petals in layers sparking creativity in you that you want to share. PAUSE In your mind’s eye, there’s a painting you paint, the colors swirl together and ignite your creativity  once again. PAUSE Then a rose in a yellow  that blossoms quite fair Fills your heart with joy, and then some to spare. PAUSE And it’s followed by a lily with peace in its aura bestowing its calm which, of course, you adore. PAUSE Now, your heart is healing with a rich flower bouquet that shares its gifts to ensure  you’re more than okay. PAUSE And with gratitude abounding, you wrap up your bouquet, you know it’s there blossoming and ready for you, any day. NAMASTE, BEAUTIFUL  💗💗💗 Check out all the deals from our incredible sponsors here! --> 💗💗💗 Check out all of our other podcasts at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit