Episode 11: True...ish Lies (feat. Dr. Rachel Burke)


27-06-2023 • 1 hr 6 mins

I had the pleasure to sit down with my good friend, Dr. Rachel Burke, an expert in psychology and trauma.  Join us, as we confront the powerful impact of the lies we tell ourselves and the profound ways in which trauma can distort our understanding of reality.  Dr. Burke's extensive knowledge and compassionate approach shed light on the intricate mechanisms at play, uncovering the roots of misperception and self-deception.  With her insightful guidance, we navigate through personal anecdotes and delve into the underlying reasons why we sometimes choose to believe untruths, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.  Together, we uncover the transformative potential of self-awareness and the pivotal role God plays in untangling the web of deceit we weave within our own minds.

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