Living Fearless + Free with Chelsie Kenyon

Chelsie Kenyon

You're over the B.S.? Chelsie is too. With her witty, no-bullshit style, Chelsie will provoke you to think, change and take action while she tweaks and twists your perspective of life (and business) with a dash of audacity and humor. She's a Human Design enthusiast, certified neurocoach, an NLP practitioner and an 10-year veteran of social media marketing, so if you have an online business, you will find some serious gold here. And if you don't, that's cool too. But just so you know, this is a unicorn and rainbow-free zone. MY PODCAST FLAVORS: [AFTER DARK] Raw, real, in-the-moment, unfiltered rants and downloads from yours truly! [THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID] Where I interview amazing women on the topic of Living Fearless + Free! [HAPPY HOUR] Where I have a female friend on and we just have fun and chat about whatevs. [PhilosopHER] Where we go deeeep on the topic of Living Fearless+ Free and talk perspective. YOU CAN PICK YOUR FAVORITE FLAVOR AND TUNE INTO THOSE ONES ONLY, OR LISTEN TO ALLLL THE FLAVORS! THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER, BABY! read less