Be Better Than Before

Cole Johnson

Are you hurting?

Are you needing an answer?

Are you failing to see your way through?

Well - you have come to the right place!

Get 10 lessons on the go as you hear a personal account of author Cole Johnson of his divorce.

Do you have to throw your pain away? Well - listen to Be Better Than Before - the Get Over Divorce On The Go edition ... as this is exclusive. Only YOU get to hear this. Your answer is here! This is a companion to accompany the book "Be Better Than Before." Listen to these exclusive episodes - and you will be better than ever before!

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Take Yourself Out Tonight
Take Yourself Out Tonight
The most precious commodity in your life, right now ... is you! You now are alone. You have no dates. You may not even have a Girls' Night Out or hang with the boys. You probably don't want to hang with anybody else. You may not want to spoil yourself.That's why you should! Make it a circle of one night and enjoy yourself. It is allowed.You need to find happiness right now. Enjoying your own space forces you to find things about yourself that you probably didn't know existed. Don't pay attention to the others. Only fill yourself with the joy you so richly deserve. Love on yourself!Cole mentions when just a simple trip to the movies and dinner by himself filled him up in ways that, quite frankly, his marriage never did. More than having the freedom to do whatever he wanted, Cole learned to enjoy life again - and not be trapped in his house while his conscience would be busy convincing him of his false unworthiness. Just being among those living their lives made him feel worthy.Many thanks to the following resources for aiding in the production of this episode:OFF THE TOP ... ARTICLESBeing alone after divorce: (Why it’s okay) Self-care strategies for how to deal with divorceWhen dating after divorce, start with yourselfSPIRITUAL CONNECTION LITERATUREHeal first, date laterHow to find hope in God in the loneliness after divorceGod has a purpose for your painful divorceEPISODE SCRIPTURE - Psalm 32:7Download your copy of the FREE audio How To Heal From Heartbreak now!Get your T-Shirt @ The Christian T-Shirt Company today!All music by - Cxdy Hosted on Acast. See for more information.