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Determination leads  to success with Abdullahi Abdulle
Determination leads to success with Abdullahi Abdulle
Dear listeners welcome back to another great inspiring story. This week we are excited to speak with Abdullahi Abdulle who was recently elected Council Member Elect for New Brighton in the USA. Abdullahi Abdulle is a Councilmember Elect for the City of New Brighton in Minnesota. On January 12, 2021, he was sworn-in as the first Muslim, black, immigrant councilmember to be elected for the office. Abdullahi is a Somali American immigrant and veteran of the Minnesota Army National Guard. He holds a B.S. in Construction Management, an M.A. in Urban Planning, and a graduate certificate in Local Government Management. Abdullahi currently works for the City of Minneapolis as a transportation planner where manages capital projects and programs. He strives to ensure those city policies and plans align with community goals and needs during project selection and implementation. As a city planner, Abdullahi is dedicated to improving people’s quality of life, especially the most vulnerable members of the community such as young children, senior citizens, people with disabilities, new immigrants, low-income individuals, and historically marginalized communities. Abdullahi has a true passion for fostering an inclusive environment and fixing systemic injustices that disproportionately affect Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. If you have any feedback re this episode or anything else such as collaborations we would love to hear it. Please email us at:
Taking a leap of faith starting new business! with Mohamoud Yussuf
Taking a leap of faith starting new business! with Mohamoud Yussuf
Happy New Year Welcome to 2021 I think most of us we’re hoping to have left COVID-19 in 2020 but unfortunately, it’s still here and in my part of the world in England we are even on stricter restrictions this January the local schools have closed and once again it’s back to homeschooling. We can only pray that inshallah this situation gets better and that we can enjoy some sort of normality again whatever it looks like in future. We hope you are all keeping safe. Thank you so much for all your support. We appreciate you. Please keeps writing to us we love getting your emails we can do shout out & answer any questions you have. Email us at : This weeks guest without any further delays is the wonderful Mohamoud Yussuf who’s an entrepreneur from London. You will love Mohamoud authentic story. Mohamoud’s Bio Mohamoud Yussuf is the founder and Director of Little Aisha Nursery, a chain of nursery’s currently based in Northwest London. Mohamoud has worked tirelessly to bring affordable, inclusive childcare to disadvantaged local communities and has seen Little Aisha thrive and grow in the 5 years since its inception. Mohamoud is currently working to expand his nursery empire, with a view to making Little Aisha a nation-wide organisation. Outside of his work as Nursery Director, Mohamoud spends much of his time engaged in community and charity work has been instrumental in organising aid for those in need during the Syrian civil war and also organising the delivery of essential items to those made homeless following the Grenfell disaster. When he is not running Little Aisha or engaging in community projects, Mohamoud is a dedicated family man and father of four with a very serious travel addiction! He is shortly embarking on a world tour which he plans to vlog. Check Mohamoud business website Instagram @littleaisha Instagram @ travelingwithmoody Linkedin
Finding my dream career & Life lessons with Amina Ibrahim MBE
Finding my dream career & Life lessons with Amina Ibrahim MBE
Welcome back to our podcast and BIG thank you for all the continuous love & support. WOW we are in the last week of December 2020 alhamdulillah we all made it through this far with an ongoing global pandemic. We are still on strict Lockdown tier 4 in my part of the world in England due to Covid19 high infection rates. Inshallah Khair and things will improve soon. There is always hope. I hope you are looking after yourself and mental health during this challenging time. This week to brighten our week we have an extra special episode with the longer format it's our end of year special and I am so happy to chat with the wonderful Amina Ibrahim MBE who is a Senior Operating Department Practitioner working at the NHS. Amina works in London ( originally she is from Sheffield ) She has an impressive career thus far working in different countries across the world. Amina was named on the list of 100 Women in Healthcare leadership and she is also the founder of SHE ( Somali Health Exchange) Last but not least Amina was recently honoured on the Queens Birthday Honours List with MBE title. In this almost 2 hours special, we laughed and we reflected on personal challenges. we spoke about all lots of things from childhood being firstborn, the first experience going to university and starting a new job in a new city and new country across the world. We talked about challenging experiences and we talk about solutions. Amina had great advice and words of wisdom find out what the great advice is by listening to this episode. We would love to hear you're feedback Please do email us at and we will give you a shoutout on the next episode. I love reading all you're email so please keep them coming : ) We are also now on social media Twitter & Instagram. Please do Tells us what do you enjoy about the podcast? What part resonated with you about our story? What has been your favourite episode so far? What can we do better? Anything else you would like to share. Please kindly could you also review us on Apple podcast and Spotify those help us to increase our visitability so more people can benefit from the inspiring stories. : )