The Road to Financial Freedom: Wholesaling Mastery and Building a Winning Team with CJ Moss

The Legacy Investor Podcast with Nick Balzano

08-01-2024 • 47 mins

Join us as CJ Moss, a Massachusetts's native, works abroad after school, meets his partner in crime, and comes back to dominate the Rhode Island real estate market through wholesaling.

In this episode, CJ delves into the mindset and determination required to achieve remarkable success in Wholesaling. He also shares invaluable insights on hiring and retaining crucial team members, as well as his strategies for if he had to begin all over again with only $5,000 in his pocket.

Whether you're an entrepreneur in the midst of building your dream team, a first-time investor on the hunt for that perfect property, or a seasoned real estate professional eager to explore new markets, this episode is a must-listen. Join us for an enlightening discussion that promises to empower and inspire.

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