Reframing Success: Patrick Quinn's Visionary Approach to Video Storytelling

The Legacy Investor Podcast with Nick Balzano

25-03-2024 • 1 hr 24 mins

In this episode we turn the spotlight on the man who's usually behind the camera – Patrick Quinn (aka PQ, aka Paddy Quinn), the storytelling maestro of marketing and video content creation. Patrick has been pivotal in creating captivating videos for a diverse array of businesses, from Zanno Property Management to Collette Vacations through his media company, Told By Fire Media. And let's not forget, he’s the reason even the camera-shy are shining on-screen.

As we delve into the story of how Patrick tripled his client base, expanded his team, and crafted a portfolio that covers trades, real estate, interior design, property management, and fashion, we also peel back the layers of his approach to media. How does he ease clients into the spotlight and make them look their best? For small business owners pondering over the power of video marketing, PQ sheds light on the tangible value it brings.

With over 24 steady clients and a treasure trove of experiences, he reveals what strategies have been game-changers and which ones didn't quite hit the mark. And because curiosity won't let us rest, we ask: What's on the horizon for Told by Fire Media? Tune in to discover how one man's lens is reframing business narratives and maybe, just maybe, how you could be the next success story he tells.

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