Unlocking the Best Version of Yourself with Sterling Clinton Spellman

The Legacy Investor Podcast with Nick Balzano

20-06-2023 • 52 mins

This week we welcome Sterling the Polisher! Sterling is your biggest cheerleader and you don't even know it yet.

A mother to Hasana and Harmony, best selling author, entrepreneur, restaurant owner, and motivational speaker, Sterling is making WAVES in Rhode Island.

Tune is as we dive into the limiting beliefs we place on ourselves and ways to overcome them, 3 ways to stop having insignificant thoughts and "polish" your mindset, and what it's like incorporating your children into an entrepreneurial lifestyle.

We touch on Sterling's incredible business journey with her husband Russ by her side and the exciting ventures to come. Sterling brings the energy you need to push through barriers and become the best version of yourself.

Website: https://www.polishedbysterling.com/meet-sterling.html
Instagram: @sterlingspeaks

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