Sound Learning by Prodio Audio Learning

ProDio Audio Learning Inc.

ProDio helps professionals be better with engaging, story-style audio courses. Creating visionary audio learning is our passion - providing a better way to learn that uses your imagination, freeing up your eyes and hands; anytime, anywhere. Expert instructors lead you through courses on topics that include Power Skills, Accounting Ethics, People, Change, Conflict Management and Strategy. ProDio professionally produces the audio to include interviews with leaders in that particular field, story-style scenarios and audio clips - all sound designed to give you an exceptional experience and solidify your learning. Each Sound Learning episode will include the first module from each course and a discussion with the instructor or an expert from that course, exploring topics covered in the learning. ProDio courses are fully verifiable for professional development credits, including NASBA accredited. Handouts and transcripts of the audio are available for each course. Download our ProDio app on Apple and Google Play Stores and on the web at read less