How We're Using Sales Funnels In Business Acquisitions

Sales Funnel Radio

16-02-2023 • 34 mins

In this week's episode of Sales Funnel Radio, I have finally invited my business partner, Raleigh Williams, to talk about our latest mergers and acquisitions deal.

Raleigh started as an M&A lawyer in New York and in Dallas - working for private equity firms, public companies, and big firms.

Overseeing purchases and sales agreements for like $20 billion dollars plus deals, and getting paid a number that is way much smaller than what he deserved, made him realize to walk away from his lucrative job.

He has gone on doing his own business acquisitions. And now, we're combining his M&A knowledge and my sales funnel expertise to value and acquire businesses and help them optimize through marketing.

Join us in this special episode as we talk about how we're using sales funnel in business acquisitions, the criteria we're looking for in an M&A, and our business plans.

Key Takeaways

From small business consulting to mergers & acquisitions (01:02)

Meet Raleigh Williams (01:47)

Turning passion business into a sellable asset (04:02)

Traditional M&As vs. funnel-driven M&As (08:50)

When you buy out a business built around a person (11:27)

The numbers behind our latest business acquisition (14:59)

Misconception on M&As (20:35)

What to look for in a business when doing an M&A (22:05)

How we plan to keep this business going (24:33)

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