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Epigenetics, the Martin Brundle F1 grid walk, car park wars and what has duck boy done now?
Plus, delivering leaflets, wine tasting, Instagram cloning, vegetable oil, Colin McRae and Tesla summon goes wrong We have some excuses about the lack of last week's episode. Grumpy has found out how a cat that's never seen a snake before can be afraid of a cucumber. In true L& G fashion, it seems to ask more questions than it answers. Lippy has some observations about the Martin Brundle gridwalk at the Miami Grand Prix and we both agree he should be a national treasure. We have some suggestions to make F1 more of a spectator sport. Grumpy has been delivering leaflets and has observations about letterbox position, internet routers and aggressive dogs. We have a guest lined up, Joe the Wine Guy, who hosted a wine tasting evening we attended. Grumpy, being a massive media superstar, has had his personal Instagram account cloned. He has found back by changing his profile to a picture of a goose. We reveal why there is a shortage of vegetable oil. Big rally fan Grumpy reveals the story of Colin McRae's first event; it's a bit of a shocker. We like a good response to a daft note left on a car, and we've found one involving a public car park. The Tesla summon function went a bit wrong recently in America, causing quite a bit of damage. Lippy reveals that they might be getting a Tesla in 3 years. The Duck Whisperer has renamed himself Dick Boy and has been complaining that Lippy's Top Tip is more what has duck boy done now. This week Top Tip proves him right. Grumpy has a double golf Fun Fact.
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Welcome to a new listener, the pizza ATM, Bond films, steep streets and another long Lippy top tip
Plus, internet speed update, number plate fonts, toilet door signs, Elon Muck and throwing the the Dorset Knob Is Lippy's internet problem fixed? No, nevertheless it's better thanks to the installation of a wifi mesh, although Lippy has no idea of what that is. Grumpy has found someone who is even more picky about number plates than he is. We welcome new listener Graphic Godders, we'll be in double figures soon. Both of us get confused and stressed by clever toilet door signs. Grumpy has a double confession about his visit to a toilet in Gatwick Airport. Brighton station has a pizza vending machine and we're planning a trip to try it. Pointy shoes were quite controversial in medieval times, and were banned in at least two countries. Square bread rolls have caused both of us some confusion, due to misunderstanding the word roll. Amazon bought MGM studios a while back and as a result all of the James Bond films are on Amazon Prime and included in the standard membership. Elon Musk bought Twitter for an awful lot of money and we think he might be a future Bond villain. The Dorset Knob might be almost impossible to eat without breaking teeth, however it makes for a number of sports including throwing. Sadly the event is too popular and has been cancelled this year. We talk about the steepest road in Britain, 100 meters of 1 in 20. Yikes! Lippy tries to exceed the length of last week's top tip, and this week actually has a top tip. Grumpy's very short fun fact involves cats and a salad item.
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When scientists play jokes, making electricity from rubbish and a long Lippy top tip without an actual tip
Plus, why number plates go wonky, kniffiti, buying TVs for work, Easter egg hunt, synthetic fuel, comparing unrelated events, getting stuck in toilets and scary robots Grumpy has discovered that scientists do play April Fool's jokes and to his delight has found japes from CERN and Patrick Moore. The Screaming Tomato agrees about the use of the phrase "end-off" and reminds Grumpy of a friend's story of a trip to France. Mini Matt has been in touch about wonky number plates and knows what can cause it. The Screaming Tomato has sent us an article on kniffiti or yarn bombing, the nicest form of graffiti you will come across. Lippy is in week three of her new job and is planning an office move including buying new TVs for the meeting rooms. Oh the power. Somehow Lippy has become a tech expert specialising in connecting laptops to TVs. The Cranleigh Lions Easter Egg Hunt was a success with lots of people taking part. Lippy is a big smug about her clothing choice for the day, she was nice and call whilst the rest of us were a bot over hot. Sweden have been burning rubbish to generate heat and electricity since the 1970s, which seems to be a good idea albeit producing CO2. Somehow we digress into a conversation about the wrong number plates on a Porsche 911. We're delighted to see that Porsche have invested more money in a synthetic fuel plant in Chile. With a target price of under £1.50 a litre, it can't come quick enough. Grumpy has found an interesting article in The Guardian called "Why do we compare unrelated events", which deserves thorough reading, and explains some odd comments found on the internet. A lady got stuck in a public toilet and had to be rescued by her husband, who had to put another 30p in to release his wife. After the rant went viral the council has closed the toilet for repairs. We're both a bit creeped out by the Tesla bot due to be launched next year. In a related story Lippy's robotic vacuum cleaner managed to get stuck under a chair. After many episodes (and an observation from Charlotte) we've named Chris and Charlotte, Duck Whisperer and Horse Whisperer. Lippy has a top tip without an actual tip and Grumpy has a fun fact about honeymoons.
39 mins
Dr Zamboni, ironing water and the bad tasting Easter treat that Lippy quite likes
37 mins
Lippy has a new job, backfiring April Fool's jokes, awesome car interiors and cutting a sandwich
Plus, alopecia, disappearing microwave, the Zamboni machine, vigilante traffic warden, alternative energy and doors or wheels Lippy has a new job (again) with a hybrid role based in London and at home. Alopecia UK have posted what Will Smith should have done at the Oscars instead of striking Chris Rock. One of our listeners has swum the English Channel to raise money for the charity, although something weird happened to his tongue. Lippy has an April Fool's prank that went a bit wrong and we wonder how many others had unintended consequences. Grumpy has had a broken microwave oven on his drive way "stolen" whilst away on the boat. Useful, as it saves a trip to the dump, however a bit unnerving. Lippy's neighbour is top of his game with bringing the bins back in for the surrounding neighbourhood. Grumpy has found the ultimate car interior and Lippy is not so sure. There will be a lot more of this as Grumpy starts a car interior Instagram account. As fans of ice hockey, we are familiar with the Zamboni machine, which has a very interesting history. If your considering being a vigilante traffic warden beware, residents can get a bit fed up with stickers being put on their cars. Grumpy's on a mission to reduce the cost of energy at Grumpy Towers and has found that solar panels are in high demand. His favourite YouTube channel, Harry's Garage has deep dived into emissions from full electric and hybrid cars, plus the possibility of sustainable fuel for the internal combustion engine. A bit late to the party, nevertheless we look at the doors or wheels question. We're still undecided, not helped by some dodgy adding up by Lippy. Which way do you cut your sandwich and do you get more sandwich cutting one way than another?
36 mins
Oscars drama, trolley incident and our week on the Norfolk Broads
34 mins
Lippy's unwell, so it's a fun fact from Grumpy. And that's it.Lippy's packing list, sharks on their way, identical cars and how Costco does it wrong
Plus, more on the fish operated vehicle, the final bathroom update, eating food in sections, The Batman and the new Aldi branch Find the current week's links at https://lippyandgrumpy.uk/ep63 The Screaming Tomato has been catching up with our podcasts. He's not happy with Grumpy muddling Jeff Lynne and Jeff Wayne. Oh dear. He casts into doubt the providence of Grumpy's piece of the Berlin Wall, however Grumpy is pretty certain it is genuine. Grumpy has found further information about the fish operated vehicle, however stops short of spending money to read the entire paper. Due to the passport mix up, we're off to the Norfolk Broads and Lippy is planning to considerably overpack as it could be cold at night. We're perturbed why the boat doesn't have a tin opener and why you need a rubber mallet. According to the Daily Express great white sharks are on their way to the cooler UK waters from the Mediterranean. Lippy's bathroom is so nearly finished, only the door and window blind to go. Lippy has picked up Grumpy's trait of eating food in sections, although isn't quite as freaked out as Grumpy when food is touching on the plate. Someone in Rotherham has two identical cars with the same number plate, as spotted by a "crime fighter". Lippy has been to see The Batman and thoroughly enjoyed it. No spoilers given. A new Aldi branch is opening a few minutes from Lippy Towers and we discuss Lippy's second favourite shop, Costco. We're hoping to produce an on board episode next week, nevertheless really can't promise.
36 mins
Tea tin tirade, lost passports, recycling facemasks and fish operated vehicles
Plus, Lippy's bathroom, bridal customs, lidar sensors, black eyed peas, low level letter boxes and a donkey called Kevin Find the current week's links at https://lippyandgrumpy.uk/ep62 Grumpy has discovered the tea caddy has been left empty and he's not happy. Lippy & Grumpy's ski trip has been abandoned after wife of Grumpy lost passports and Chris ended up on crutches after a game of football. A live update from Davros, which is very welcome as is his donation for Charlotte's Shine Walk in September. Davros is keen to hear the fate of the roulette hustler and we're pleased to say he lived to a grand old age. Lippy's bathroom is nearly complete and whilst planning to wait until it was finished before using it, Chris' football injury means an early bath. Grumpy has found a list of bridal customs including why fathers walk brides down the aisle. Somehow Grumpy manages to compare bridesmaid's dresses and The Italian Job film, albeit the second one. We're delighted that discarded face masks have been turned into batteries. We don't understand how this can be done, nor how the face masks can be plucked out of rubbish, nevertheless what a winner. Lippy has a mid-episode top tip as she has recycled clothes with H&M and received a £5 voucher. We've discovered lidar sensors on cars and ponder why Elon Musk isn't a fan. Could rotating black eyed peas as a crop reduce the amount of fertiliser used. Queue some poor jokes by both Lippy and Grumpy. An experiment has seen the construction of a Fish Operated Vehicle where goldfish can manoeuvre their tank past obstacles to common point. Quite why is a mystery. We talk about squirrels and then fail to understand how you task a fish. Grumpy has a think about letter boxes at the bottom of the door and it turns out that the Communications Worker Union have been fighting against this since 1958. It turns out that when you unsubscribe from an email list this is actioned by a donkey called Kevin.
36 mins
War of the Worlds, teapots, large refund cheques and how to win at rouletteThe Long Tom Pass,  Great White sharks, potato milk, two Grumpy rants and an electric road
Plus, football matches, live listener feedback, vehicle recovery operators, filming locations, caravans, bathrooms, teapots that don't pour and hustle films Find the current week's links at https://lippyandgrumpy.uk/ep60 Lippy's been to a football match and was so disappointed she left before the end. We had some live feedback from Davros as he listed to last week's podcast on Friday afternoon. The Screaming Tomato has a cracking fact about howitzers. Following Lippy's comment about the tiler being a "character", Grumpy talks about vehicle recovery operators and how chirpy they can be, which can be received in many ways. A great white shark has been spotted close to the south coast. Lippy reveals she fancies going in a shark cage. Not for Grumpy. We talk about film locations around our respective homes and somehow get onto the subject of an engine manufacturing company. Michigan is building a one-mile stretch of road that can wirelessly charge electric vehicles while they’re driving on it, which is brilliant. the topic changes to smart motorways, which aren't so brilliant. We talk about the electric taxis in London and the saving in fuel for the drivers. A TikTok video, which Grumpy still doesn't understand, has shown a gentleman in Leeds pulling a caravan along a road. A very brave man. Recent vegan (plus fish) convert Grumpy has found potato milk, however won't be trying it. Lippy's bathroom is coming on well, looks fantastic although taking a bit longer than expected. Worth the wait. Grumpy has a rant about aftermarket car parts after changing hoses on his elderly Volvo estate. Last Friday was a slight disappointment as the large Russian transporter plane that Grumpy was expecting to land at Dunsfold Park turned out to be a much smaller Ukrainian Antonov. Grumpy has a rant about motorway service station tea pots that don't pour as you would expect. Believe it or not this was triggered by the pot in a urine sample kit. Lippy has had a toilet flushing dilemma at the football, however was impressed by the free sanitary products. There seem to be a spate (well, two) hustle type films based on true stories. Lippy & Grumpy have seen one and were quite shocked by the ending. This week's top tip and fun fact both involve water.
38 mins
Celebrity cheques, selling jars, the Loch Ness Monster and selling a country
Plus, Funko Pops, bathroom tiling, Winter Olympics, The Apprentice and skiing. Find the current week's links at https://lippyandgrumpy.uk/ep59 Lippy & Grumpy record on a Sunday morning for the first time. Guess who forgot! A friend of Grumpy has pointed him at Funko Pops and the Jaws characters in particular. We think they are very cool. Salvador Dali used to doodle on the back of cheques paid to restaurants, often meaning they weren't paid in. Michael Jackson wrote ticket refund cheques himself, with a low cash rate. We've discovered that Stephanie Matto was selling jars of her flatulence, until her very specific diet caused a trip to A&E. Lippy's bathroom tiling is coming on well, albeit a bit behind schedule. Fingers crossed for completion on time. The Loch Ness Monster has been spotted again in Loch Ness and in Wimbledon. Grumpy reminisces about a trip to Scotland. We talk about Gregor McGregor who scammed £24million in the 19th century by selling bonds in a country that didn't exist. Lippy recommends Fyre Festival on Netflix and Grumpy has a list of programmes from various sources he's enjoyed. Your mileage may vary. We turn our attention to the Winter Olympics and we're both looking forward to the skier and snowboard cross. Grumpy reveals the only football fact he knows. Lippy was shocked about the latest firing in The Apprentice, Grumpy was distracted by a jigsaw. We're off on a ski trip soon and Grumpy has been investigating the price of ski lift passes, probably in too much detail. Lippy has a calendar based top tip and Grumpy a lightening based fun fact.
35 mins
A touch of deja vu, plastic eating bacteria, rogue vacuum cleaners and weird Olympic sports
Plus, Steven Bartlett, plant based diets, all you can eat food influencers, The Apprentice, and the World Rally Championship Find the current week's links at https://lippyandgrumpy.uk/ep58 We're back to our usual podcast format this week, with a mash-up of the episode that we recorded using the wrong microphone and some other going-ons. Grumpy recommends the book 100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings to complement nodcrafty moments. Davros won an office quiz using an fun fact about mistletoe from our advent calendar. Unfortunately there wasn't a prize. We talk about the newest dragon in Dragon's Den, Steven Bartlett, a very interesting chap with wise words. There's a lot of development around plastic eating bacteria. We're very interested in this and have some questions. More research needed. Grumpy's on a plant based diet (including fish, so not strictly vegan) and is suffering with wind. Lippy has a cracking tofu recipe that Grumpy is keen to try. We've come across a story of all you can eat food influencers live streaming from restaurants, and in particular one who has been banned from the Handadi Seafood BBQ Buffet. The Apprentice is providing some cringing entertainment, in particular Lord Sugar's one liners. Lippy has a robotic vacuum cleaner and Grumpy has some tales of caution, including the possibility of nefarious activity. The 1900s was a period of some unusual sports included in the Olympics, including motor boating. Grumpy's love of rallying, having waned over the last few years is picking up again with rule changes to the 2022 World Rally Championship. Lippy's new bathroom is well underway, with tiling starting this week, albeit two days late. Lippy has a balloon arch top tip and Grumpy's fun fact is the source of a saying.
34 mins
Excuses and a broken sharkGrumpy's epic fail and, er, that's itSucking the monkey, the F1 crash bill for 2021, synthetic fuel and a Lippy double bill
Find the current week's links at https://lippyandgrumpy.uk/ep55 Happy New Year! We're after a bit of an abrupt break. The good news is Lippy has a new job and isn't at home every day, which caused a bit of a scheduling hiccup. The bad news is that Grumpy has had various tests and has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. It's contained, small, slow growing and very treatable. We're all confident it can be eradicated. Following on from the last episodes back in November, the Screaming Tomato has found another micronation, this time in Australia called the Principality of Hutt River, which has suffered the same fate as Sealand; not being recognised. Also the Screaming Tomato has found a thing called Sucking the Monkey, where sailors in days gone by would help themselves to liquor in barrels by making a small hole and using a straw to drink its contents. Whether that's why the barrel containing the body of Admiral Horatio Nelson arriving in England was empty is not known. The act is also know as Taping the Admiral and there is a pub so named in Kentish Town, London. The photo of the Clarion stereo system we featured in the last episode is real, no Photoshopping here. Our audio advent calendar worked in Davros' favour where one the more obscure fun facts won him the office Christmas quiz. Well done Davros! Grumpy is slightly confused by Christmas cards that can be reused as a post card. Given the picture is a Christmas scene, when do you send them? After a controversial end of season Formula 1 race, we found the crash costs for each driver in 2021. The bills are eye watering expensive. Grumpy wonders whether James Bond's aim in life is to travel the world annoying bad people and has spotted the fact that ventriloquists laugh at their own jokes. Lippy has started wedding invites and the guest numbers for the day are creeping up. We discuss a Tesla owner in Singapore that had a rather high tax bill based on emissions. Grumpy has a confession about vehicles that have a zero emissions badge. The first flight using synthetic petrol has taken place and the future and credentials of this are looking good. Nod crafty was Susie Dent's word of the day from December, and we're both guilty of doing it. What shape do you think goat's pupils are? The answer might surprise you. Leicester are putting gardens on the top of bus shelters with plants to attract bees and other pollinating insects. Bravo we say and can we have them down here please? Lippy has a caps lock top tip and a smelly fun fact.
30 mins
Lippy & Grumpy's Advent Calendar Door Number 24Lippy & Grumpy's Advent Calendar Door Number 23Lippy & Grumpy's Advent Calendar Door Number 22Lippy & Grumpy's Advent Calendar Door Number 21