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Lippy & Grumpy's Advent Calendar Door Number 3Lippy & Grumpy's Advent Calendar Door Number 2Lippy & Grumpy's Advent Calendar Door Number 1It's a repeat - Davros solves the gnome shortage,  a sandwich snatching seagull, free parking and a WD40 based top tip
We've run out of time this week to produce our usual high quality podcast (!) so he's one of our favourites. Normal service and our Advent Calendar will be resumed next week. Davros may have solved the gnome shortage we discussed in episode 30 despite having a stereotyped view of gnomes. He's also an expert on two-brained dinosaurs after Lippy's "top" brain comment. Lippy has a bee in her bonnet about the Champions League final being played in Turkey despite having two English teams playing. Neither of us know very much about football, nor the politics involved, nevertheless we don't think this is a good idea for several reasons. Gus the seagull has been making the news, having worked out to steal sandwiches from his local Co-Op. Grumpy has a great idea for a product that means you can eat your fish and chips on the beach without having half of it stolen by seagulls. We talk about how a student in America worked out how to park his Jeep on his college campus for free. Also the Ohio State Senator who, on a Zoom call, tried to disguise the fact he was driving his car at the time. People using Zoom is the gift that keeps giving! Grumpy marshalled at the Jigsaw Run, which aside from some wayward runners went well. He also found out something interesting about a large sheet of metal at Dunsfold Aerodrome. The screaming Tomato contacted Grumpy and mentioned the Dunning-Kruger effect, which Grumpy does his best to explain without offending anyone. Part of the effect is that you don't know you are doing it, so both Grumpy & Lippy apologise as they suspect they may be guilty. Grumpy has read the excellent book Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss several times and Lippy has read half. Well worth a read. Rant alert! Lippy has had a nightmare with solicitors and her house move, so close and yet so far. Grumpy has a Top Tip involving WD40 and a Fun Fact on feeding yourself for a year with a first class airline ticket
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Peter Pan, wedding dress shopping, is metal a liquid, holding an owl and car stereos
Find the current week's links at https://lippyandgrumpy.uk/ep54 Last week we talked about Disney and Peter Pan and it turns out that the animated film was made in 1953 by Disney. Grumpy caused a kerfuffle on Facebook by showing a Christmas tree made from reclaimed horseshoes, with the horseshoes apparently upside down. Lippy has had a successful wedding dress shopping trip and typically Grumpy says "I've bought cars for a lot less" Grumpy has been pondering whilst welding horseshoes to make Christmas trees, whether metal is a liquid in a similar way to glass being classed as between liquid and solid. We expect research from the Screaming Tomato. We're in awe of the Peddling Picasso who has created an image on a Strava map depicting a man's head with a moustache with a bicycle. Three months in the planning and 8 hours to cycle. Grumpy suggests that with her new FitBit, Lippy attempts something similar. We both fancy robbing a bank, however don't fancy prison, so the Money Heist Experience in London seems to be the perfect solution. At a wedding fair, Lippy had the opportunity to hold an owl, which was an amazing experience. Despite the staring and head swiveling. Grumpy has had to rescue young blue tits from Lippy's old bedroom. Grumpy is very excited at the discovery of sound mirrors on Romney Marsh in Kent, an early form of radar. We have a quote from the late Rik Mayall that sums our podcast perfectly. Grumpy has found a 1980's car stereo to beat the Nissan Gloria. Grumpy's allotment has had a delivery of over 6 tons of top quality compost from the Royal Horseguards, no excuse for not growing anything next year. Lippy has a FitBit top tip and Grumpy has a geo-political fun fact.
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Non-sovereign state Sealand, Lippy's wedding dress shopping, misquoting film lines and massive vegetables
Find the current week's links at https://lippyandgrumpy.uk/ep53 Lippy tries to sneak a sweet in at the start of the podcast only to find it's the sourest of the sourest. Karma I say. Grumpy owns up to a misleading statement about the amount of plastic a washing machine filter captures and to a wrong fun fact. The Cranleigh Lions bonfire and fireworks was a roaring success and Grumpy reminisces about Beaujolais night in France many years ago. Lippy has her wedding dress buying session this week and very little to organise. There's a bit of to and fro over the band playing the first song, however all is well. Grumpy has found a micronation six miles off the Suffolk coast called Sealand, on a World War 2 gun emplacement, previously used as a pirate radio station. Not recognised as a sovereign state by anybody other than the 50 people who claim to live there, despite having a constitution, parliament, passport and stamps. Richard Osman's House of Games has a sister show At Night on BBC1. Grumpy has seen it and he's not impressed and will go back to loving the 6pm version. In an episode full of odd stories, we cover the decision to pickle Horatio Nelson in brandy so he could be transported back to England aboard the damaged Victory. Was it the right decision? Should rum have been used? Lippy has been attempting to be cool by sliding into DMs. Nothing to do with a certain brand of boot. Anyway, Lippy made a suggestion to Pot Noodle and not heard anything. I can feel a social media storm coming on. Grumpy has been looking at misquoted lines from films and amazingly he's found most of them are too pedantic for him. Who would have thought? A story about Davy Crockett wrestling a bear on a series called Timeless reminds him of Lippy's bear story. She's not impressed. A gentleman called Peter Glazebrook has an obsession with growing massive vegetables and holds a number of world records. Four foot leeks and 67 pound cabbages are nothing unusual.
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Bond at Beaulieu, Christmas film decorations, washing machine filters and our audio advent calendar
Find the current week's links at https://lippyandgrumpy.uk/ep52 Lippy is feeling better this week, although had a pre-recording nap after a fun-filled day off including pottery painting. The Screaming Tomato has sent some married name funnies in and incorrectly guessed Lippy's married name, which is causing some spelling problems. Grumpy's been on a trip to the Bond exhibition at Beulieu with a fine array of cars and other objects from the latest film. He was taken by a motorbike that had been ridden through 54 countries in 7 continents and is looking forward to reading Steph Jeavons' book of her adventures. Lippy admits to watching Christmas films in November and Grumpy has spotted a decoration based on National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, one of his favourite Christmas films. Lippy's planning on making some Christmas decorations, which somehow leads to a discussion about a moth covering moustache. Grumpy's perplexed by the throwing of coins in ponds and fountains. Whilst there is a long established tradition, coin throwing has lead to the demise of wildlife, so maybe it's time to stop. We discuss the smuggling of a corned beef sandwich into space, the fall out and the sandwich's current home in a NASA museum. Lippy somehow thinks that the museum is in Reading, which it isn't. The Thames Barrier quietly gets on with its job of protecting the capital and has had it's 200th lowering since opening in 1982. We're planning a Lippy & Grumpy trip to see the gubbins. Lippy has been to Costco after more confusion about Reading and we both agree it's a great place to shop for bulk buys and free tasters. Lippy has been eying up trees in Costco with lights already fitted. Grumpy is not so sure having had bad experiences with Christmas lights over the years. It's our local bonfire this weekend, Grumpy will be compering and encouraging people to donate to the Cranleigh Lions. Brooklands have sent out a very nice badge to members that kept their membership running during lockdown with a card signed by Damon Hill. A very pleasant surprise. Lippy is contemplating Christmas cards this year. It will never happen! We've found some interesting photos taken of delivered parcels, some people do pose for the photo. Lippy discovers the meaning of the arrow in the Amazon logo. Grumpy has come across filters for washing machines that filter out micro plastics that end up in ocean and has put a deposit down for a Gulp unit. Lippy is also excited about this and suggested receiving one for Christmas. We're planning an audio advent calendar for December, 24 days of our tips and fun facts and Christmas music. What is there not to like?
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More baked beans, vending machine sausages, aggressive otters and can you have too much pi?
Find the current week's links at https://lippyandgrumpy.uk/ep51 We start by morning the passing of James Michael Tyler aka Gunther from Friends, a great character in a great series. Grumpy's been counting beans and has calculated there are a staggering 2,935 beans in a 2.62kg catering tin. The Screaming Tomato has been in touch with a name he came up with for a software system. It was very rude and we won't repeat it here. He did redeem himself with PIOSEE  though. We're on Audible!!!! Albeit in an odd category. It's bonfire season and we both agree that it's a weird and macabre event. Nevertheless, bonfire building meant Grumpy bumped into Orange Marshal 2 and Davros, both of which had interesting stories to tell. Italy has a pizza making vending machine, Germany has a sausage vending machine for late night feasts. In addition to a selection to sausages it also vends eggs and we can't help think they will be broken by the time you get your hands on them. Davros revealed the origin of the word lurgi and it's not what you would think. Fitting as Lippy has been suffering with the lurgi for a couple of days. You may think of otters as cute creatures, however there is a rogue gang in Anchorage, chasing children and dogs. Beware! Lippy's married name is an unusually spelt common word, which is causing her some grief. Grumpy has a case study of the brain subconsciously correcting something that's wrong or different courtesy of his hero James Burke. Someone's built a conveyor belt from Lego to apply toppings to a pizza base and then cut the cooked pizza. Lippy then goes on a bonfire night food fest. Grumpy has a new induction hob and he's very, very impressed despite only having a few pans that work. Lippy has stocked up for Halloween and will be restocking due to consumption. Grumpy's not a fan. Surprise, surprise. You can have too much pi,  62.8 trillion digits to be precise. Why? Lippy's top tip involves how to avoid injury when scaring your friends and Grumpy's top tip combines space travel and a favourite actor.
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Captain Kirk goes into space, RUCSAC, sprinkle gate and Lippy's new clock
Find the current week's links at https://lippyandgrumpy.uk/ep50 Grumpy's a bit confused about the Sky Glass tv and service covered in last week's podcast and Lippy thinks her tv offers all that Glass has to offer. Who knows? Captain Kirk has been up into space with Blue Origin and we've both laughed at a spoof article that he's having to work off the cost of his ticket in an Amazon factory. At least we think it's a spoof. From a question in Richard Osman's House of Games, Grumpy and Wife of Grumpy had very different ideas for what the R in RUCSAC stood for, the mnemonic that stands for the six steps that students need to take when tackling a maths question. More angst in the baking industry, this time it's the sprinkles used by a Leeds bakery. We suspect this may go on for some time. Lippy's started watching iZombie on Netflix for the second time and it sounds like a cracking series, not your usual screaming, running zombie apocalypse. The arrival of a new clock at Lippy's house has sparked a very odd conversation. Needless to say there will be some mocking for a very long time. From another question in Richard Osman's House of Games, Grumpy has discovered a 50,000 word book that contains no words with the letter e. Initially keen to read this somewhat odd piece of work, Grumpy has decided it would be hard work and not worth the effort. B&M have a Christmas reindeer that's a bit too anatomically correct. A great piece of PR. Grumpy has been investigating baked beans for some reason and has uncovered a number of interesting facts. One thing is for sure, we both like a how are they made programme. Grumpy is very dismissive of most metrics, particularly if they are simple to establish, and has an example of this. Lippy has a top tip following an expensive trip to the picture framers. No fun fact from Grumpy this week, instead a fantastic podcast about Jaws called Jaws for a Minute. Our special edition on Jaws is coming, albeit very slowly.
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Batman, satellites, Captain Kirk, and we're beginning  to talk a lot like Christmas
Find the current week's links at https://lippyandgrumpy.uk/ep49 We celebrate a year of podcasting and thank you for wishing Lippy well with her engagement. Tickets have been booked for The Shark is Broken and we're both looking forward to seeing the play in January. Grumpy's not a fan of inspirational messages on the socials, nevertheless has found one involving Batman that meets his approval. And he slips in an early fun fact regarding the misuse of apostrophes, meanwhile Lippy averts an apostrophe dilemma with her wedding invitation. Lippy is keen to get her wedding planned as soon as possible and has made appointments for venues and dresses over the next few weeks. Somehow we drift into the topic of data protection, not for long though. Grumpy has a video clip of the Japanese subway pushers who make sure the doors close on a very full train by pushing people into the train. Sky are ditching the dish and offering a single television offering all of the online streaming platforms with no additional boxes and a single remote control and no more "what side is Bosch on?" Grumpy reminisces about the satellite companies in the late 1980s with the squareial offered by British Satellite Broadcasting. Grumpy is very excited about the return of the Lancia Delta as an electric vehicle although concerned about Italian wiring having owned two Deltas in the past. We're excited that the original Captain Kirk, William Shatner, at the age of 90 is going into space on the Blue Origin rocket and should be back on earth by the time you read this. Lippy has a top prank for a space trip, which would probably mean unemployment by the end of the day. Blankety Blank is back on TV and Grumpy is enjoying it. Short, simple and fun, all good qualities for a game show. Lippy had to leave a note on a car after some inconsiderate parking outside of her house. People, please park considerately! Lippy has been munching on biscuits again and this week it's the classic crunch cream. Talk turns to Christmas, Grumpy is attempting to make Christmas trees from used horseshoes for the Lions market stall, which opens in November.
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Lippy's engaged. And some other stuff
Find the current week's links at https://lippyandgrumpy.uk/ep48 Big news from Lippy, which means Grumpy can deploy some sound effects. Chris proposed to Lippy on their long weekend to Edinburgh and Grumpy is relieved as he's known for a month and has almost let the cat out of the bag on a couple of occasions. Needless to say, wedding planning is now at full speed. After Lippy's experience in a park last week, the Screaming Tomato shared his experience with scaring hitchhikers and Grumpy met some new listeners in a rare trip to London. Wife of Grumpy had a mishap with a plastic chopping board, filling the downstairs with smoke, fumes and a horrid smell. We've found an article suggesting that a fuel thief siphoned from the toilet rather than the fuel tank. Grumpy thinks the story isn't true, nevertheless grimaced at the thought and owns up about some stupidity with putting fuel stabiliser in the Mini ahead of the Brooklands Mini Day. Grumpy has found a play in London called The Shark is Broken based on the relationship between the main three actors in Jaws, sat in the Orca waiting for the shark to work, perfect for our special on the film Jaws, once Grumpy has finished reading every book in existence on the subject. We both want to go to the Edinburgh Fringe one year, which is where The Shark is Broken originated, however not sure how you choose what to watch. We both like a biscuit and have our favourites, however the burning question is how long can you dunk them for? Fortunately Wren Kitchens have carried out some extensive research into the matter. Not surprisingly Lippy has a wedding based top tip and Grumpy a car based fun fact.
34 mins
Thunderbirds Day, Grumpy's new favourite joke, Lippy's late night adventure and Ed Sheeran's pond
Find the current week's links at https://lippyandgrumpy.uk/ep47 We don't want to talk about the current petrol shortage in the UK, nevertheless we don't want people to judge others based on a picture only. We had a good laugh about the BBC reporter Phil McCann covering the shortage. Grumpy's pleased that Alfa Romeo are committed to not building a car around an iPad and Lippy has been eying up electric cars. Until she worked out the price. Thunderbirds Day was yesterday, we believe, celebrating the first broadcast of Grumpy's childhood favourite TV series, Thunderbirds. Grumpy has an explanation for Supermarionation, a word that foxed him for many years. Lippy fully approves of Grumpy's new favourite joke, albeit a bit on the cheesy side. Lippy has had a trip out to the big smoke, fed celery to meerkats and freaked out in a dark park late at night. We present some myths about defibrillators, not a work that Lippy can pronounce easily. Actually there's only one myth, however the message is, get trained to use a defibrillator, you might save a life. Grumpy has found some weird customs around the world and has an odd occupation in Japan and an unusual use of cinnamon in Denmark. We look at one of the award winners for the Ig Noble awards for this year and come to the conclusion the premise was dreamt up one Saturday night in the pub. We're both lusting after the Mini Moke, relaunched in 2017 and soon to be made solely in the UK, although the next batch is only 56 cars. Grumpy has found some rural skirmishes, including  ASBOs for animals and Ed Sheeran's pond. Lippy finally remembered her top tip, which is related to the best time to turn up for an event. Grumpy's fact involves playing golf on the moon.
39 mins
We've found a new cement mixer, a bowl of custard, unusual police names and cooling pavements
32 mins
Grumpy slips in some car related topics, our favourite gameshows and lots of listener feedback
Find the current week's links at https://lippyandgrumpy.uk/ep45 We survived DIY Sunday, without injury, a minor mistake with the delivery of timber and finished in time to watch an eventful Grand Prix. Lots of listener feedback this week, which we are grateful for, including a very complicated post about survivorship bias. Orange Marshall 2 informs us that you can report dirty motorway signs via the Highways England website. We've also had a joke from the Screaming Tomato. Or at least we think it's a joke, we're not 100% sure. Grumpy's keen on Land Rover Defenders, nevertheless he's not sure about the new model and very suspicious about the electric towbar as demonstrated on Harry's Farm. Keeping with the car theme, we've found peak car button in a 1987 Nissan Gloria, which sports a separate hi-fi system worthy of a lounge. The Gloria also features the largest wing mirrors ever seen. Meanwhile Lippy thought that the terms wing mirror and door mirror are synonymous and called wing mirrors because they look like wings. Grumpy has had another vehicle breakdown and is still refusing to buy something newer. We both love a gameshow, although, not surprisingly, Grumpy has some fixed guidelines when watching a new show. The conversation turns to creating our own game show, which includes a fair amount of cheese. Grumpy's surprised about the number of mattress adverts on the TV at certain times of the day and wonders whether you have to return the mattress in the original packaging if you want to return it. Lippy has two top tips this week and makes up for the last two week's slightly rubbish tips. Grumpy's fact goes on for a bit, nevertheless is worth the wait
37 mins
Twotter spotter merch, Lippy order chaos, flying through a tunnel and why don't you see new cement mixers
Plus, the mystery object revealed, scooters from 1916, Christmas has started, making fertilizer from urine, shutting doors on a Tesla and cooking salmon in a dishwasher Find the current week's links at https://linktr.ee/LippyAndGrumpy or https://lippyandgrumpy.uk/ep44 On various social media, we showed one of Grumpy's new purchases and asked what it was. Many listeners of a certain age got it right - it's a pickled onion fork, as demonstrated by Grumpy on the 'gram. We had a picture of a Twotter sent in and Lippy & Grumpy are considering L&G Twotter Spotter merch. Wife of Grumpy had a breakdown needing a new coolant tank cap, but not after Grumpy had invested in yet another tool. Lippy's had an adventure with ordering skin cream for an expecting friend, yet Grumpy can't work out what's wrong with a big tub of E45. The recent hot weather means Lippy is keeping the rather odd light fitting/fan in her bedroom, inherited from the previous owner. Apparently it's very effective at cooling the room. We've found the latest e-scooter craze isn't new, dating back to 1916, with some brilliant photographs, adverts and articles from the time. Grumpy is not only disappointed in Christmas trees appearing in The Range, wife of Grumpy has bought four advent calendars already. Why don't you see brand new cement mixers in use? If you see one on a building site let us know. Grumpy has discovered that a French company has perfected the art of transforming urine into agricultural fertilizer. We've found a local brewery that is reusing the heat generated in one part of the brewing process to heat the offices and provide heat earlier in the process. The Tesla Model X has warnings when you set off with the gull winged door open, which was ignored by a driver ending up in an expensive accident. Unfortunately, all captured on video. Lippy & Grumpy are in awe of Dario Costa who flew his Red Bull stunt plane through two Turkish tunnels at an altitude of 70cm. Fortunately, all captured on video. Would you eat salmon cooked in a dishwasher. Lippy says no, Grumpy thinks it's a time saving tip. One thing that makes Grumpy grumpy are grubby road signs. The German's have the answer for this and it's a wonderful collaboration of engineering. Lippy has a somewhat odd top tip and Grumpy revisits last week's fun fact thanks to a message from the Screaming Tomato.
34 mins
We're back from the long hot summer that wasn't very hot nor long
Find the current week's links at https://linktr.ee/LippyAndGrumpy or https://lippyandgrumpy.uk/ep43 Having taken a break from our weekly podcast, Lippy & Grumpy are back and planning not to bore you with holiday tales. Will they succeed? Grumpy has been making the most of his breakdown cover having broken down twice in August, including the campervan, which split a hose on the A31 near Ringwood causing traffic chaos. Much to Lippy's amusement, Grumpy has bought a smoking pipe from an antiques shop in Swanage along with a mystery object. Do you know what it is? Grumpy and wife of Grumpy took part in Minis at Goodwood, a fund raiser for ButtleUK and won a trophy! Who would have thought? A month off has resulted in discovery an avalanche of interesting engineering projects including Thunderbuggy, a jet powered Amish buggy. Lippy has been perfecting her decorating skills and has completed two rooms successfully. Measuring seems to need further work though and has resulted in an injury. Jimmy Fallen has a list of first date fiascos and Grumpy thinks one of them could have been Lippy. Both have early date stories, including non-payment and over use of chopsticks. Lippy has a top-tip for eating duck pancakes The Lippy & Grumpy specials are coming on, however Grumpy is now obsessing about the film Jaws. There are so many books and websites to read the special could take some time. Grumpy is also obsessed with the decline in bees, butterflies and insects and is planning flowers and plants in the allotment to encourage them. Some discussion on the Splat-o-meter for measuring insect decline ensues and Lippy isn't convinced it's the best tool for declining species. Which part of a plane do you strengthen? In the Second World War this was a questioned posed to engineers with details of where returning planes had damage. The answer may not be immediately obvious. Lippy & Grumpy's favourite tool, WD-40 has many uses, some unusual and we have picked two from a long list. More on Zippo lighters, with a less wasteful way of starting a fire. There have been a few allotment disasters, mostly to do with the weather and the timing of holidays, however rhubarb is doing very well. Somehow we get from planting flowers to Grumpy's Grandmother's laundry equipment. Lippy's top tip is to do with measuring and is more stating the obvious. Grumpy has a shark related fact, he is obsessed.
37 mins
August holiday re-run - where Davros solves the gnome shortageAugust holiday re-run - burying the cat twiceAugust holiday re-run - Leerdammer rouletteAugust holiday re-run - our very first episode