S5P5 - Gay Cruising Pet Peeves, Big City Gay Culture Shock, & Big Dick Hysteria


27-10-2021 • 1 hr 12 mins

In this pigisode, Brian recaps from our last talk of using the word Bussy and he explained how straight men refer to it as boi pussy and how he thinks it's hot. Then the subject changed to whether or not older men can be called Boy or not. The difference between a boy/slave versus just being submissive. Later on, Rick switches the subject to gay cruising pet peeves. From loud talking and not reading the room to finger jammers and dick slammers. The guys share their issues with cruising in public. Brian brings up Big Dick Hysteria and how guys react positively and negatively to guys who are well-endowed. Rick shares his discovery of how vastly different cities in the US are from each other and how so have many gay bars and parties while others have very few or none and the gay culture shock gay men experience coming large gay cities. Make sure you subscribe to this podcast from your favorite listening device. Check out our apparel collection at www.topsubvers.com and use the promo code LNC20 to save 20% off on your purchase. Late Night Cruisin - Gay Party Tix -

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