S5P8 - PrEP Edition: PrEP, World AIDS Day, PEP & Gay Wage Gap


17-11-2021 • 1 hr 34 mins

In this pigisode, Brian talks about his week with working the Furball FTL party at The Eagle Wilton Manor as well as the different cruising culture in Florida versus New York City. He also explains how men who attend sex parties are viewed as desperate or dirty for attending also known as gay shame. On the subject of shame, Rick talked a little bit about reading an advanced copy of Damn Shame by David Pevsner. David Pevsner is accomplished Broadway and Off-Broadway actor who also has been featured TV and commercial roles. His book is what inspired us to start our new segment called Piggyback Books. Gay books that celebrate gay culture, cruising, history and more.  On the subject of gay books, Brian mentions Tom Of Finland, the origin of it, how dangerous for gay men it was at that time and how simply even creating gay illustration was criminal. The conversation switches to disparaging difference in the gay wage gap between men who have many options to meet other men while men with limit funds have to settle for limited options in the dating pool. This gay wage gap has been a major factor in the gay hierarchy where success men have a lot of influence on gay culture and events. Rick changes the conversation to PrEP. What is PrEP? PrEP - Pre-Exposure Prophylatic, a daily pill that helps prevents the spread of HIV. Rick walks the audience through on what to expect to get tested for it and the cause and effects of being on PrEP. Brian explains PEP - Post Exposure Prophylatic and what constitutes the need for PEP. The podcast pigisode was inspired by World AIDS Day, December 1st. The boys discuss the history of PrEP from the controversy of being a excuse for unprotected sex to huge impact on gay porn, culture and sex. PrEP doesn't protect from STD's and the stigma around catching STIs and some don't seem the need for PrEP bc of their sexual habits and condom usage. Brian talks briefly about Undetectable HIV positive men. Rick talks about Bug Chasers, men who seek out HIV positive men in order to catch the virus. Brian and Rick explain how It's A Sin demonstrated how anyone can get HIV and just having multiple partners doesn't equate to being infected with HIV. Brian shares his personal story of his guncle and how he passed away from HIV. Brian also shares how his friends who are living with HIV had trepidation about getting vaccinated while being immuno-compromised. Brian also mentions the Anti-PrEP movement and it affects sex parties. In closing, Rick and Brian discussed how important knowing Matthew Shepard and Ryan White and the impact the gay culture. Make sure you subscribe to this podcast from your favorite listening device. Check out our apparel collection at www.topsubvers.com and use the promo code LNC20 to save 20% off on your purchase. Late Night Cruisin - Gay Party Tix -

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