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Late Era

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What are some of the biggest left turns from prominent artists over the past sixty years? Why did they make these records? Are there some misunderstood gems to appreciate? Hosted by Andy Cush, Sam Sodomsky and Winston Cook-Wilson, this show will chronicle late era records from prominent artists, breaking down the historical context of each album, diving into individual tracks, and exploring the larger impact of each record on the artist's legacy. Presented by Osiris Media.

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Introducing | Sugar Maple
Introducing | Sugar Maple
Hey there, Late Era fans! Check out the first episode of our new fiction podcast Sugar Maple, starring Fred Savage. If you like what you hear, be sure to subscribe to hear where the story goes from here!In the series premiere, we meet our narrator, Terrance Woodridge, who brings us a tale he’s chased down: the story of Sugar Maple, the guitar of legend with a timeless sound that's passed from hand to hand over the years.In this episode, we go back to 1951 and hear the story of "Sweet Licks" Bobby Lindro, an orphan from the farmlands outside Chicago. When his brand new Telecaster’s neck is destroyed, he's sure nothing can replace it, until his Aunt procures mysterious wood that seems to make Bobby's guitar truly sing, and gives Bobby dreams that carry him places he never meant to go.Sugar Maple is presented by Osiris Media. Be sure to listen to the premiere of the song from this episode, Brimstone Lampfire, on March 15, wherever you listen to music. Please check out the limited edition poster for this episode, and the limited NFT release of episode and series art. If you like what you hear, please give us a review wherever you listen to your podcasts. Episode 1 stars Fred Savage as Terrance Woodrige, pRicky Gee as Bobby Lindro, Connie Castanzo as Becky, Jo Walker as Rebecca Woodridge, Deborah Geffner as Aunt Buggy, Daniel Light as Del Faucet, and Michelle Hurst as Doc. Brimstone Lampfire was written by Patrick Hart and Michael John Hancock.  The Executive Producers of Sugar Maple are Tom Marshall and RJ Bee. Produced, Edited, Mixed and Mastered by Brad Stratton. Story by Ben Colmery, A.R. Moxon, and Tom Marshall. Episode 1 written by A.R. Moxon and Ben Colmery. Directed by James Masciovecchio. Musical direction by Don Hart. Produced by Tom Sullivan. Production assistance from Zach Brogan and Christina Collins. Art by Mark Dowd. Legal assistance from Gerald Gottesman.  Hosted on Acast. See for more information.