How to Optimize a Blog Post One Month Later

The Calm Marketer: SEO and Social Media Tips For Entrepreneurs

07-06-2021 • 10 mins

Episode #165 - when you publish a blog post, are you supposed to do anything after? In my last episode, I spoke about the 3 things you should do immediately after you hit publish, but what next? In today's episode, I will discuss two important things you need to do to optimize your blog post 1 month after you publish it.

It's important to check on your new page’s performance after one month. It’s already had some time to settle in, get crawled by Google, and rank for a few keywords. Now, it’s time to make it rank better.

Here’s what you should do:

  • Check Google Search Console to find the Search Terms you rank for
  • Run an Audit using Surfer to review the state of your topical coverage.

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