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***SUBSCRIBE for the MOST IRREVERENT NYC CRIME CONTENT*** MENTAL ILLNESS is rampant in NYC, everybody knows that. But lately, it's nearly universal among Big Apple criminals.  A resident of a men's shelter was caught trying to BUILD A BOMB. The judge sentenced him to 25 months in jail. Believe it or not, that's four months LONGER than federal sentencing guidelines prescribe.  In this case, it's particularly strange, considering the bomb builder had previously run afoul of the law by threatening to shoot up a special education school and targeted three students in particular.  ***JOIN US ON CENSORED.TV for EXCLUSIVE weekly video episodes, only available on CENSORED.TV - and use promo "PAT" for a discount subscription*** The notorious subway shooter FRANK JAMES - who got off 33 shots after setting off 2 smoke grenades on a subway car under Violent Brooklyn - was sentenced to 10 life sentences plus 10 additional years in prison. But do these sentences run consecutively or concurrently? If it's the later, he could be out in only - you guessed it - 10 years. (according to speculation based on my untrained analysis and limited understanding of the law).  ***COZY.TV/patdixon - regular late-night LIVESTREAMS, follow and watch for FREE*** DOUBLE HOMICIDE in Upper Manhattan (that often means Washington Heights and it does here). A berzerk neighbor blasts 2 residents of his building because one of them has a dog that barks too much.  The suspected killer had previously kicked in the door of the terrified pet owner with a hammer in his hand, breaking her arm in that incident. But the maniac was released on $5,000 bail with an order of protection saying he couldn't go near the woman. Clearly the order was ineffective, at best.  ***SEE VIDEO OF THIS AND OTHER EPISODES OF THIS SHOW, plus the one-of-a-kind late-night show LATE AF at, follow and subscribe*** These stories and more with host Pat Dixon and Douglas Nelson.