Episode 30: Adrien Le Pan - Dakar Mission 1000 Project Manager

Zev News Moto Podcast

28-02-2024 • 18 mins

Dakar Mission 1000 can be described as a laboratory for the mobility of tomorrow and a peek into the future of motorsports.

Mission 1000 premiered at the Dakar Rally in 2024. The challenge was to cover 100 km per day and a total of 1000 km, using new energy vehicles.

The challenge is broad in technical terms. From hybrids to fuel cells, from fully electric to biofuels, every option is explored.

Note the use of the word "challenge." Dakar Mission 1000 serves as a rigorous platform to test new energy technologies.

To delve deeper, I contacted Adrien Le Pan, Project Manager for Dakar Mission 1000 at ASO, the French company responsible for promoting the Dakar Rally.

More than a standard interview, it was an exploration of the future of the Dakar Rally and its adoption of sustainable energy solutions.

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