Ep 156: Understanding the World of Fraud and Scams

BritCham Singapore

31-01-2023 • 52 mins

In  the rush for the digitalisation in the financial services and regulation sector, customers are gaining a higher level of convenience and processes in their systems. However, with the rise of convenience, an almost parental state is emerging in which businesses are increasingly asked to safeguard and look after individuals.

Sasha Slevec, Financial Crime Lead, Australia, Featurespace, discussed with Mike Rourke, Chair of the Finance and FinTech Committee on how fraud and scams work especially in the very fast paced finance and fintech industry. Sasha explained how there is a very thin silver lining between frauds and scams and how one can practice vigilance and awareness to see them. Our speakers also shared how 'trust' is the common key factor in how these scammers execute their plans on unsuspecting victims.

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